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10 Things Every Pothead Needs

With our friends at Studio A-OK

by RJ Hunt / RANGE

Photo Illustration by Erik Grice

April 20th comes but once a year, but true potheads celebrate the herb year-round. In honour of the upcoming celebration of all things jazz cabbage, we reached out to Studio A-OK’s master toker (and frequent Cheezies consumer) RJ Hunt to help us compile a list of essentials that every respectable pothead should have. 

Situated in Vancouver, the best weed city in the world, Studio A-OK have carefully been studying heads, hippies, and freaks in order to bring you the finest products your little THC-laced heart desires.

Studio A-OK Joint Packer

Small but mighty, these are low-key one of our favourite products we make, and probably the one we use the most. These stainless-steel joint packers will replace the broken chopstick you’re currently using which you’ve saved since first year college.

Wisdom Sticks Rolling Papers

Wisdom Sticks are the name of the king size rolling papers that we make. We like them because they have a funky wizard design and if you’re smoking the right stuff the wizard will start speaking to you.

‘Get a Grip’ Ashtray

Our new ceramic ashtrays represent Studio A-OK perfectly in that they’re a little weird. We’ve also seen them used as a vessel for dipping sauce which may also come in handy on 420.

4-piece Aluminium Grinder

This heavyweight aluminium grinder is perfect for your home set-up. It also comes in swanky little pouch inspired by all the Crown Royal my dad drank in the early 2000s.

Devil’s Lettuce 32oz Nalgene Bottle

While ingesting the Devil’s Lettuce it’s important to stay hydrated. Pro-tip: when you’re drinking and not talking, no one will know how zoinked you are.

The Lucy Tee

Named after our friend Lucy Kinsella who designed it, this is the Lucy Tee. Stoners need to look good too, just make sure you wipe the Cheezies dust off your fingers before you grab it from the closet.

Dumpling King Dumplings

If you haven’t heard of the Dumpling King yet you’ve probably been living under a rock. Is that even a pun on being stoned…we can’t tell? Anyways, these dumplings are insanely delicious, are all made by hand, and use ingredients bought right around the corner from our store. Must hit.

Holy Duck Chili Oil

Let’s face it, after a couple rips you’re going to be feeling numb, which means you’ll probably want to check to see if you’re still alive. We recommend you test yourself with Holy Duck Chili Oil. Made with high quality local ingredients, it’s the best chili oil we’ve ever had. You could eat a Blundstone as long as you have this on hand, so we suggest packing a jar with you at all times.

Spoon Pipe by Lil’ Flame 420

Our pal Lil Flame 420 has had his Instagram shut and hacked, but is still out there banging out some of our favourite glass pieces in the biz. His love for graffiti translates well into glass and always puts a smile on our face.

Ceramic Doob Tubes by Big Bell Ceramics

Made for us in Los Angeles by Big Bell Ceramics, these ceramic doob tubes are a customer favourite. 

For all these products and more, check out Studio A-OK, either IRL in Vancouver at 436 Columbia Street, or online here