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RANGE Magazine's Canadian Cannabis Tour

From coast to coast, these weed companies are committed to getting you high.

by Aurora Zboch

Photo illustration by Ryan Rathjen

Canada has become an epicentre for cannabis and it’s high time that brands show off some personality. 

Amid tight regulations that vary from province to province, companies are vying to stand out with rare strains and unique looking products. But clever branding and buzzwords aren’t just about cleaning up weed’s image with sleek fonts and color schemes. In this still burgeoning market, there’s a deluge of new companies and products trying to reach seasoned tokers who know the differences that add to quality. 

Wherever the trends are headed, weed is here to stay. Pack your bags and get ready to fly cannabusiness class as RANGE Magazine takes you on a coast to coast trip across Canada’s weed landscape to learn what different brands across the country have to offer you this 4/20 and beyond. 

British Columbia | Burb

Burb is a “legacy minded” private cannabis retailer and
apparel brand that seeks to refine the reputation of stoner lifestyle while preserving existing outlooks. Along with top-shelf cannabis products they sell quality threads. A warm, earth-toned aura surrounds Burb with shades of cream and beige reminiscent of natural rolling papers. They use minimalistic design and let high standards of curation do the talking. 

Light Culture is Burb’s podcast with David Hershkovits, co-founder of Paper Magazine, who interviews disruptors in the cannabis industry. Over a hundred episodes strong, the conversations with a diverse group of musicians to business execs surround the question “how is culture changing and why?” Burb also has an extensive blog, The Chronicle, covering cannabis FAQs and emerging products. 

Burb Cannabis has storefronts on Broadway Stand along Lougheed Hwy in Port Coquitlam and Morrissey Road in Port Moody, with a brand new location open as of 4/20/22 on Commercial Drive in Vancouver (1670 E 10th Ave).

Alberta | Poolboy

Take a deep dive with Poolboy. On the sunny side of legalization, the last thing Poolboy wants to do is make cannabis look taboo or tacky. Sure, it still feels like an open secret, but instead of playing into smelly stoner clichés they turn strains into sexy, easygoing, and highly appealing embodiments. It’s not enough to describe the terpenes and THC levels – Poolboy wants to walk you through the entire experience like it’s a plan for a hot date. “You’ll get glued to the couch with him enjoying chill movies and music,” states the Strawberry Banana hybrid pre-rolls. 

Saskatchewan | BOLD

Bold Growth is craft cannabis proudly raised in the prairies.
ADCANN awarded Bold Growth as craft brand of the year in 2021. Five years ago, growers kept their facilities and stashes a secret. Now weed sites share locations and video of their harvesting processes from start to finish. BOLD shows off individual grow rooms which allow them to tailor conditions to that exact batch. They promise core strains will always be 20% THC or higher. 

BOLD’s sativa dominant Strawberry Cough 1 ml vape cartridge carries a light tingle on top of the sweet taste of strawberries. This carbon dioxide-extracted cartridge is big on the THC (80-90%) with fruity and floral notes.

Ontario | Greybeard

Greybeard supplies nothing but sophisticated concentrates.They are experts in products like Terp Slush – a form of High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract (yum).  You don’t have to rip mad dabs from a hot rig to indulge either. Live resin can be used to spice up joints or in concentrate-friendly vaporizers. You’ll swear you can taste every terpenoid profile one by one. There is so much flavour and potency in these excellent extracts you’ll be salivating as you slur your speech after just one hit. 

Quebec | 3Saints

When the cloud of smoke dissipated, the first words we could muster was “Oh god!” For a cute name like
Kush Cookies, the 3Saints weed packed a stronger punch than expected, even for even some experienced tokers. The indica-dominant flower should require you to say a Hail Mary-Jane three times before hitting again. 

3Saints’ flower is made sacred: grown out in the sun, rain watered, hand-harvested, hung to dry and carefully cured. The Quebecois brand from Becancour wants to earn your trust and will easily gain that faith. It’s clear that 3Saints worship weed and their strains prove they are worthy of doing so. 

Prince Edward Island | RETRO

Straight outta Charlottetown, RETRO boasts “vintage vibes, modern methods.” This new craft micro producer leans heavy into their CO2 extraction equipment and commits to being free of synthetic terpenes and harmful chemicals. Who can’t get down with that? Along with above-standard flower, pre-rolls, and CBD oils, RETRO has a love for concentrates. 

GLOTZ Honey Oil is a traditional Indica dominant, full-spectrum extract promising “heavy-handed euphoria.” It is an amber extract, not actually sweet like honey but full of terpenes. The potency is so strong, one hit is like a throwback to your first time getting high. Pre-loaded in a 1 gram glass syringe, you can choose how to dose the savoury helper to your next adventure. Groovy. 

Nova Scotia | Truro

Simply named after the central east coast town it hails from, Truro Cannabis is Nova Scotia’s hub for getting high. “We’ve been in this game longer than we should admit. Our love for the plant wasn’t sparked by legalization.” So goes the story of Truro’s team with deep roots in the industry. The company cuts through any complicated jargon, stating: “We know our sh*t.”

Truro’s Bubble Hash is 1 gram of Indica-Dominant premium earthy and apple-y delight. It is produced using a solventless ice water extraction process that is labour and time intensive but results in hash you can compare to pure gold. Due to low temperatures used during extraction and pressing, they assure a minimal loss of terpenes, and maximum preservation in nitrogen-dosed, food-grade tin cans. Truro cares about recyclable packaging – a trend that more commercial cannabis brands can follow. 

Newfoundland and Labrador | KRFT

KRFT is a micro cultivator emerging from the moody haze of the far-out east coast. They regard cannabis cultivation as an art and KRFT infuses an air of rural Newfoundland’s natural wonder. They spent years pheno hunting – the process of selecting plants to breed a new strain. Z-Splitter and First Class Funk are two of the coveted plants included in KRFT’s rare genetic portfolio. By the sounds of it you know this one’s gotta be fancy.
KRFT Cereal Milk is a small batch strain currently available through the BC Cannabis Store. Check out more of what KRFT rolls out on Crooked Dory, a Newfoundland-based cannabis website.