Cover Stories

May 2023

By Madeline Lines

The Montreal-based multi-hyphenate takes us through his creative workspace and talks playfulness as practice.

October 2023

By Ben Boddez

On his first album in six years, the mysterious electro-soul singer uses his voice to contemplate time travel, a newborn daughter, and all things avian. 

August 2023

By Laura Stanley

Melted gelato, ripped jeans, and jumping cemetery fences — a totally normal conversation with the celebrated indie songwriter. 

April 2023

By Leslie Ken Chu

The psychedelic indie folk artist shares their experiences of rediscovery after a life of oppression and forced assimilation.

March 2023

By Daniel McIntosh

With her rave days behind her, the multi-dimensional experimentalist folds her previous lives into a compelling story for a stunning debut.