Cover Stories

January 2023

By Ben Boddez

Featuring Kimmortal, dee holt, Talk, Just John, and daysormay — these homegrown talents are about to have a massive year.

November 2022

By Ben Boddez

The acclaimed indie rock band return to the spotlight after five years with a heavier sound, a new lineup, and a lyrical focus on Maritime culture. 

October 2022

By Stephan Boissonneault

After two years apart, the post-punk luminaries reflect on working remotely, learning from their mistakes, and making Arrangements.

June 2022

By Yasmine Shemesh

The UK indie duo tap into their silly side only to discover a magical alchemy between them.

May 2022

By Daniel McIntosh

The Montreal singer/rapper has always been a superstar, now he just has to prove it to the world.