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Photo: Ming Chen

DJ Poolboi & Fog Lake Turn Back Time on “where are you now” 

The Austin-based producer reminisces on the good times with an evocative portrait of Ukraine before the war.

by Ben Boddez

Texan lo-fi electronic artist dj poolboi returns with a Canadian connection for his latest video single, teaming up indie-folk singer Fog Lake for a new track that pushes both artists out of their respective comfort zones.

With a video shot last year in Kiev, Ukraine, the rapid-fire shots of friends having a series of awe-inspiring nights out on the town is underscored by Fog Lake’s mournful falsetto, reminiscing on the better days of relationships that have since evaporated. While dj poolboi is usually known for this atmospheric and ambient style, it usually comes accompanied with more of a driving house rhythm. On “where are you now,” he strips things back to an emotional piano ballad.

“I wanted a break writing electronic focused music to maintain my creativity and sanity. The vocals and lyrics (Fog Lake) wrote are equally haunting and beautiful; coupled with his guitar and vocal melodies. It was a pleasure working with him, and I couldn’t be happier with the result,” says poolboi about the song.

Fog Lake, as well, altered his creative process from the standpoint of songwriting, saying “I usually write in first person, but I instead tried to write from the perspective of someone who was struggling with their perspective of love and the evolution/disintegration of their feelings towards family, friends and loved ones, some lost to time and others about to be.” With nostalgic shots of Ferris wheels, firework displays, and late-night clubbing and restaurant runs, the video is just as lo-fi as the music itself and certainly encapsulates that mood.