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dry cleaning

Dry Cleaning Take A Personal Turn With Stumpwork

Deadpan delivery has never sounded more alive. 

by Jaden Van Allen

UK indie savants Dry Cleaning embody a new era of drab consciousness through their use of abstract, observational lyrics. While only a year out from their debut album, New Long Leg, the band’s anticipated second studio album, Stumpwork, is as wide awake and full of pessimism as it is sleepy and slacker-esque. 

In their signature moody deadpan style, this collection of 11 songs incorporate elements of trance, jazz, and punk alongside bold lyrics. Florence Shaw’s observational lyricism provides abstract vocabulary that comes across authentically, with instrumentals that both complement and contrast the unconventional use of words. 

With varying, absurd lyrics from “is it still ok to call you my disco pickle?” to “let’s eat pancake,” Shaw uses her poetry in a way that is equally confusing as it is fitting to the context of each song. Each track embodies a new story, from the calming aura of “Kwenchy Kups” to the funky, groovy riffs of “Hot Penny Day.” 

Bouncing from the rhythmic instrumentals to the poetic vocals, Stumpwork takes on a darker, more personal tone, delivering a transformative experience that encapsulates a unique energy through both lyrics and sound.