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FEARBIRDS Unleash The Fury On “Pulled Down The Hill By Dogs”

The East Vancouver hardcore punk-metal hybrid harness equal bark and bite.

by Glenn Alderson

Photo by JT Photos

Hardcore outfit FEARBIRDS are not for the faint of heart but they are fun as hell. Punishingly loud with razor sharp riffs, this fresh new East Vancouver supergroup of sorts has been rising above the stench of chicken factories in their neighbourhood to remind us that punk shows are way more fun when you leave with your ears bleeding. 

Composed of members from other trusted heavyweight projects — Brass, Dead Quiet and Barn Burner — their debut video single has equal bark and bite. Rounding up all the dogs they could find for a dusty sun-soaked romp in the nearby mountainous hills, FEARBIRDS unleash their fury and find themselves getting chased by dogs of all sizes. 

“Pulled Down The Hill By Dogs” is spring loaded with the punk rock ethos that made frontman Devon Motz’ previous band, BRASS, such an exciting act for so many years. But when Kevin Keegan (of Dead Quiet) cuts in with his ferocious distorted guitar tone, you know that FEARBIRDS are flying at heights that none of them have yet explored. 

The video ends with the foursome getting licked to death, reminding us that underneath their heavy sound and hard crusted exteriors, this punk-metal outfit are actually just a bunch of softies. 

Teasing more that is to come, the track will be among those featured on the band’s forthcoming album, Aux Blood, to be released in Feburary 2024 on the Cancer Bats’ newly minted Bat Skull Records.

We caught up with FEARBIRDS ahead of the video’s release to find out how the band came together and where the hell they found so many cute pups to play with them.

“Pulled Down The Hill By Dogs” rips! What is the song about? 

Devon Motz: The song is about everyday people being dragged along by the ambitions of the powerful few. Regular people suffering because of government, war, and religion — you know, the dogs! 

How did FEARBIRDS come together? Can you explain briefly who you are and what y’all aspire to be?

Kevin Keegan: Tayor (Freund, drums) and I had been playing music together for a very long time and when we were both in the same city again we decided we had to hash things out. Devon and I had also been chatting about doing something together, so it just sort of came together. 

As an East Van metal/hardcore hybrid, where does FEARBIRDS fit in to the current musical climate of the city?

KK: I consider myself pretty old and out of touch so I’m not sure if we fit in or where. I do know that we have such an awesome community of fellow musicians in this city that there’s no shortage of peers to play with or support what we’re doing regardless of genre. 

Photo: Milton Stille

Your new single is ferocious and adorable at the same time. Where did the concept for the video come from? 

DM: The video was just a funny idea that came to mind while out walking our dogs one day, it was Directed by our own Kevin Keegan and shot and edited by Robert Zawistowski (who has been putting out incredible videos in the scene for a few years now, including the anxiety inducing short film, BAGS).

Where did all those dogs come from? 

KK: Scott and I are both commercial dog walkers so we were able to call in favours from our clients. There are also a few of the band members pups in there too.  

Would you say everyone in the band are “dog people”? 

DM : Every single one of us is a “dog person.” In fact, not liking dogs is a serious red flag. I mean who even? Almost all of us have our own dogs who we would gladly take several bullets for.

What is the best part about owning a dog?

DM: Being around our dogs.

Anything else you’d like us to know? What are your plans for 2024? 

DM: We Recently partnered with Bat Skull records and are stoked to be putting out another single dropping in January followed by the release of our first full length, AUX BLOOD, on Feb 4. The vinyl has been printed and our release show will be at Green Auto so stay tuned!