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Fernie Is Dancing Towards A New Dawn With “New Beginnings” 

The Montreal R&B singer looks towards the future in his latest groove-heavy video. 

by Ben Boddez

Photo by André Rainville

Montreal R&B artist Fernie is looking towards a future filled with self-love in the music video for his latest single, “New Beginnings.” Just as the title of his upcoming project, Aurora, brings to mind a shining, hopeful new horizon, Fernie can be found lounging around on a symbolic staircase throughout the video – although at first, he emerges from the top. As he dances through lush environments and moves to his own beat, a highly rhythmic and 90s-inspired R&B cut built around an infectious bass line and sparkling synth embellishments, Fernie shrugs off the bemused stares of others, his vibrant purple clothes standing out against their muted tones.

“I think the idea behind the music video is mostly about self liberation,” Fernie says. “Not fitting inside the marginalized box that we as a society have created; and rather celebrating those differences. It ties really well into the song itself because as the title suggests, it’s about starting over, diving into different corners of your humanity and sharing those beautiful aspects of yourself to the world.”

Just like his conspicuous appearance, Fernie’s charismatic, soulful vocals and harmonies cut through the mix and align perfectly with the track’s undeniable groove – it all makes it feel like the onlookers’ loss for not simply dancing along. Fernie is feeling himself, and that’s all that matters.