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Photo: Atlantic / WMG
Photo: Atlantic / WMG

Is FKA Twigs' CAPRISONGS A Sign Of The Times?

The UK experimentalist uses her genre-bending ways to stun on an unexpectedly playful “mixtape” offering. 

by Ben Boddez

FKA Twigs’ latest is inspired by an astrological meme based on her real-life star sign. Coincidentally, a Capricorn’s best traits of being ambitious, driven, and hard-working certainly align with the UK experimentalist’s boundless creativity and penchant for reinvention.

Labeled as a “mixtape” and described by Twigs herself on one of the project’s many conversational interludes as “elevator music, but you’re going to the 50th floor,” there’s certainly an unexpected dose of cheesy, playful, and danceable energy. It’s certainly a hot take, coming from an artist who typically comes with a slight baroque pop twist and goddess-like imagery. That energy is combined with a globe-hopping showcase of her multitalented, genre-bending ways as Twigs applies her penchant for experimentation in what feels a little like her response to hyperpop’s rise.

With collaborators ranging from hip-hop heavyweight Mike Dean, anthemic pop craftsman Cirkut, and unorthodox electronic producer Arca behind the boards to drill rappers, Afrobeats stars and The Weeknd on the mic, CAPRISONGS is the most sonically disjointed Twigs album by a long shot – but that switch-up is precisely what makes it so much fun.

The only real constants are her angelic, borderline operatic vocal tone and a heavy helping of pounding synth-bass, but Twigs delivers unexpected rap verses, a standout reggae track out of nowhere, and a passionate slow jam duet with Daniel Caesar in the interim. It’s not the high-concept masterpieces of her past, but this is the result of FKA Twigs letting her creativity run wild. It’s about time we regard her on the level as some of pop culture’s most impressive Renaissance artists.

Best Track: careless (Ft. Daniel Caesar)