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Photo: Zachary Vague
Photo: Zachary Vague

FRANKIIE Shine As Bright As the Golden State On Between Dreams

The Vancouver-based indie group take us to the beach on their reverb-soaked sophomore album.

by Kayla MacInnis

Visions of savouring the early morning hours materialize while listening to FRANKIIE’s second full-length album, Between Dreams. The four-piece band from Vancouver use their sophomore offering to interrogate liminal spaces while infusing a tender, earthy, and romantic presence. 

The band explores this spatiality and temporality with songs that stretch beyond the line and cleverly drag end rhymes into whispery sonic dreamscapes. With its bedroom voices, dream-pop shimmer, and oscillating psychedelia, there is a faint Twin Peaks ambiance with hues of Mazzy Star, The Cranberries, and Fleetwood Mac pulsing through. 

If you’re looking to get your Daisy Jones & the Six fix, “Visions” and “Rich” transfer you back in time to the fabled Laurel Canyon, a woodsy, mountainous landscape once home to many singer-songwriters in the 60s and 70s. It’s this kind of energy that feels rooted within every song, and fittingly guitarist Francesca Carbonneau recently made the move to the Sunshine State to soak in the inspiration directly from her new home in Los Angeles.

With its velvety contralto, “Garden” reveals a relatable yearning to sink into the soil as breeze-ribbons wind by. “Passionfruit” feels reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane with its slowed warbling that lends itself to the overall cinematic soundscape, while the revving energy of “Cruel” and the twangy but sweet riffs of “Right On Time” pervade with 70s punk and 60s surf fervour.

Each song flows into the other with propulsive rhythms and wistful sun-soaked reverbs while musing on the complexity and beauty of our world. A fitting beachy accompaniment as we approach the summer solstice.