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Grimelda Channel Their Inner "George Thorogood" With New Video Single

The Sasky two-piece bid farewell to the Faps and pen the ultimate love letter to rock and roll.

by Glenn Alderson

The last time we heard from Grimelda, the Saskatoon-based two-piece was offering RANGE some thoughtful insight for us to share with other punk bands looking to reintegrate themselves into a post-pandemic world. Now, rather than taking their own advice and “just starting a podcast,” or “painting,” the duo who once went by the totally not gross and super normal band name The Faps are re-emerging as Grimelda, and they’ve got a killer video single in tow.

For the uninitiated, the Faps were, and continue to be, somewhat of an institution in the prairies — only now they go by Grimelda. Comprised of drummer Blair Colwell and guitarist Skyler Cafferata, the two friends and business partners have been playing together for nearly 20 years and they pack more punch as a two-piece than anything you’ll ever see or hear on Catatonic Youths. Mixing equal parts punk, hardcore, spazz, and math rock with just a dollop of straight-up rock and roll, the Faps, sorry, Grimelda, are also one of the most exciting live acts you’ll ever see  — that is, if you have the courage to brave standing in the front row at their next house show or basement bonanza.

Grimelda’s new single is called “George Thorogood,” and while it might be named after the boogie-blues heartthrob from Delaware, it sounds nothing like “Bad to the Bone.” However, it is in fact BAD-ASS-TO-THE-BONE and the video has illustrated depictions of Thorogood’s face in it more times than we could count. Which makes sense, given the video takes place at a fictional George Thorogood Summit catered with more Cream of Clapton, BBQ Nugent nuggets, and Van Morrison sous vide than even Meatloaf could handle if he hadn’t died from COVID. 

Is Grimelda’s recent name change a sign that Colwell and Cafferata are growing up and getting their shit together? That remains to be seen, but they are going places. Like actually, with a Fall tour that will take them from their punk rock mansion in Saskatoon to big city places like Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, and even Medicine Hat. 

We caught up with the two-piece to find out how they’ve been living their best post-pandemic lives, what inspired the name change, and why they’re so obsessed with some dickhead from Delaware. It’s actually a pretty good story if you want to keep reading. 

First, the obvious question – What is it about George Thorogood that drew you to writing such a rippin’ tribute? 

Skyler: Some guy in Selkirk, MB thought Blair was George Thorogood and asked for a selfie. This was several years ago but it eventually blossomed into an appreciation for good old regular rock and roll. George sort of represents the middle ground — popular yet obscure; generic but in a comforting way. He’s the example we use but the song is really a tribute to rock music being dumb and kick ass at the same time. 

Blair: We both got kinda fascinated with classic rock radio during the pandemic. Our new stuff is all about how legacy rock like that can’t exist anymore (like for actual decades now) but the myth somehow survives.

If you had to choose only one of the following, which would it be: one bourbon, one scotch, or one beer?

Blair: (laughs) We literally have no idea what the difference between whiskey and bourbon is, so beer. Probably the one can of Lucky Lager rolling around under the seat for the last few days of tour.

Your new music video, which takes place at a fictional George Thorogood Summit somewhere in Delaware, is great! What goes on at an event like this? What kind of food did they serve at the summit?

Skyler: It’s an annual celebration after a year of hard work. We give a brief presentation on all the areas we excelled in and offer ideas for the future, but it’s mainly a time to relax and embrace your inner George. Lots of pizza, chips, booze, and dancing. Some people get a little too drunk but at least we aren’t drinking alone! 

Blair: Didn’t you read the charts?? Cream of Clapton. BBQ Nugent nuggets. Van Morrison sous vide. Chips. 

What is your favourite snack while you’re on the road?  

Skyler: Chips. Or smoked salmon if we’re ripping through Ontario.

Blair: Cream of Clapton. BBQ Nugent nuggets. Van Morrison sous vide. Chips. 

The last time we heard from you guys, you were writing and recording as The Faps and sharing tips with us to help other punk bands reintegrate into a post-pandemic world. Can you give us a bit of perspective into what inspired you guys to change your name after so long?

Skyler: We both found celibacy and it instantly made our lives much much easier, so we decided to roll with it.

Blair: Fap means jerking a dick off and we wanted to make some fucking money for once. 

What is a Grimelda? 

Skyler: A grimey person who sells magic potions.
An aggravated lady from 1920 who foretold punk rock would create a society of heathens.
A messy witch.
An 11th century Hungarian princess.
You. Me. Them.

Blair: Grimelda is Micheal Bublé’s real name.

How is Grimelda different from the Faps? 

Skyler: To be honest it’s really not. We didn’t change our sound or approach or plans because of the name, although it does coincide with new material and collaborations. We would be doing what we do no matter what you call it. It does feel good to sort of “regroup” and “rebrand” though after the last hell-ish few years. 

Blair: We play a lot of our older songs still. Still do ridiculous shows. We have some new live elements like samplers and vocal effects and stuff, but they’re used very tastelessly. One thing that’s different is we’re trying to be more open ended. We’re collaborating with friends more, co-writing with some people, and hope to do a stream of singles or EPs that each have their own little motif. Still just a duo but not putting any limits on it.

Anything else we need to know about the new single, video, or the band in general at the moment? 

Skyler: The video single probably speaks for itself but we are pretty excited to hit the road and play live again. We’re also branching more stylistically and leaning into co-writing with people outside the band. So maybe watch out for a hyperpop/country album.

Blair: Yes. Please watch the video and stream the song and come to our shows if you’re able to. We sink so much fucking time and money into this band. Do you know how long it takes to make like 50 George Thorogood masks? They haunt our dreams. For the love of god help us.

Catch Grimelda on tour this month:

Oct 14 – Regina – The Mercury Cafe & Grill w/ MechaDroid and The Definitelays
Oct 15 – Winnipeg – The Royal Albert Arms w/ Paige Drobot and Cheap Heat
Oct 21 – Edmonton – BLAKBAR w/ On My Side and pseudo-antigone
Oct 22 – Calgary – Inner City Brewing Company w/ Dave Hause and Gone Cosmic
Oct 27 – Medicine Hat – King Edward Hall w/ Tarot MH and Aversions
Oct 28 – Lethbridge – Owl Acoustic Lounge – Halloween Howl at The Owl
Oct 29 – Ymir, BC – community hall – Ymir Slash & Bash