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IAMTHELIVING & Teon Gibbs Meet In The Middle With JNGL

A seamless fusion of hip-hop and soul define this standout collaboration.

by Aurora Zboch

JNGL is the ferocious collaboration between South East London singer IAMTHELIVING and West Coast rapper/producer Teon Gibbs. Their breakout EP entangles downtempo R&B with uplifting cadences in a unique and meaningful way.

IAMTHELIVING pours over the hooks with vocals like smooth rum, while Gibbs packs a punch for the verses, making JNGL ideal for both dense dancefloors or kicking back in a cushy booth. 

Opening track “Puppa” sets the stage for house, hip-hop, and funk elements à la Montreal beatmaker Kaytranada. Italian producer Cheap Limousine lends his production talents to three of the bouncier tracks on the record, including “Between The Groove,” which puts listeners exactly where it intends with lush keys and shimmering hi-hats. 

Speaking to the simplicity of body language, the thumping track, “Translation,” features Setswana bars, a homage to Gibbs’ roots in Botswana. “Distance” pulls you in with a UK Garage beat, shedding light on the nature of love and throwing a bit of shade. “Where Do We Go From Here” reflects on the past year’s social climate as it sways with indecision and a heavy conscience. “Boxes” is the perfect addition for any lofi summer playlists. And final track, “Fall” has seductive bass and gentle harmonies that carry you out the door, like a sweeterman wishing you a safe trip home after the club. 

Gibbs and IAMTHELIVING set out to make something memorable, impactful, engaging and beautiful and that is exactly what they have done with JNGL.