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Indian Giver Call For Action on “Purity”

The Indigenous hardcore band continues to advocate for reconciliation ahead of their debut full-length.

by Ben Boddez

Photo by Brook Lovie

Released in celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day, rising hardcore band Indian Giver are celebrating their heritage with “Purity,” a raucous rallying cry of a single that previews their upcoming debut full-length, DARK LEGACY 3

With electrifying tempo shifts, a warbling bed of electric noodling providing a current of energy that courses through the track, drums played at hyper-speed and passionately delivered vocals, you’ll hear Indian Giver’s masked and anonymous frontman shouting: “Reconciliation, we need action” and “We want to see you in the street.” The latter is a cry that launches the track into a half-rapped breakdown that closes things out, proving that Indian Giver are as musically adventurous as they are lyrically stirring.

The band’s mission in their messaging has always been to address issues facing Indigenous communities and advocate for reconciliation, all while carving out a space for themselves and reclaiming the punk, hardcore and metal scenes with their music and image. Lyrically, “Purity” tackles the imposition of purity politics on Indigenous communities over the centuries and the scrutinization that comes with the colonial gaze. If you’re looking to make your observance of National Indigenous Peoples Day a little more punk, there literally isn’t a better track to throw on.