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Photo: Spruce Bohen
Photo: Spruce Bohen

All Eyes Are On Kaleah Lee’s Birdwatcher EP

The indie folk singer finds tender melodies to seize the moment on her debut EP.

by Ozioma Nwabuikwu

Listening to Birdwatcher feels like you’re lying on the floor of a forest, taking in the changes of the season. Sometimes the bright sun rays peek through the leaves and sometimes winter lasts longer than planned. 

On her highly anticipated debut EP, the Vancouver native battles with strong themes of change, evolution and self-realization delivered through the strings of melodic indie folk. 

The temptation is strong to stay perfectly still and hidden away, like a birdwatcher, while life, complex and unpredictable, passes you bybut it’s ultimately a fraught decision. Our protagonist cannot escape existence, try as she might, because “What you bury can come back up,” as she sings on the title track. Alone and desperate for connection, she then realizes that the time will pass no matter how still she poses. No longer apologetic for her existence, she resolves to face her discomfort, embrace change and place faith in herself.