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Laurence-Anne’s Oniromancie Is A Dream Come True

The Montreal singer-songwriter has us floating down a river of clouds with her latest shimmering production. 

by Maggie McPhee

Melodic synths pull you in, gentle rhythms ease you, and Laurence-Anne’s ethereal voice casts its spell. Oniromancie is the latest collection of songs from this Montreal-based musician and it will transport you through a cybernetic soundscape on a river of clouds, with occasional rapids and whirlpools. At once, you’re in a lucid dream, a pixelated realm of ice and blues and wires forming all around.

Singing in French, English, and Spanish, she whispers incantations of apparitions, nighttime, fantasies. Laurence-Anne will guide you deep into the subconscious — perhaps, into the psyche of an android who knows too much? Intangible ephemera swirls around you like smoke. Notions delivered on the wisps of her quivering voice. Time bends in on itself. 

More than a collection of songs, Laurence-Anne’s third studio album is an experiment in worldbuilding through sound. Each track stands alone, yet they’re united by her vision. It’s a vision that looks both inward into her interiority and outward beyond the horizon, shortening and expanding the distance between the two simultaneously. The stars she sings of appear in the sky, in the soul, in the digisphere, and in her shimmering synthetic sounds.