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Georgian Bay Half Smash

These Low-Alcohol Bevvies Are The Seatbelt Of Any Party

Tasty options to extend your next beach day or park hang — with our friends at Georgian Bay Spirits. 

by Aurora Zboch

Bluetooth speaker and full cooler in tow, you’re making your way towards the water and waves of thirst start to hit. For any marathon beach day or park hang, pacing your alcohol consumption is just as important as remembering to wear sunscreen. Luckily there are beverage options you can bring along to help you hydrate and jubilate. New, low-sugar and low-alcohol options mean you can focus on hangout time without worrying about the hangover. 

It’s possible to maintain the buzz without fizzing and fading. With our list, picking light refreshments is now a walk in the park. 

Georgian Bay Spirits Half Smash 

Best known for their smash-hit vodka and gin drinks, Georgian Bay drop their Half Smash editions: half the sugar and alcohol content, but full-bodied flavour. The crisp citrus and soft peach infusions are meant to be savoured under the sun. Herbal notes and signature gin satisfy without the worries of going overboard. These promising new players have zesty skin in the game and they weigh in at less than 100 calories and only 2.5% ABV. Tasty, but not hasty–that’s the spirit. 

Mott’s Clamato Caesar Sriracha

Sriracha Caesar is the latest and greatest innovation from Mott’s. Canada’s Cocktail is now in a can and the flavour train is expanding. The added spicy-sweet twist of sriracha in their latest addition makes this a must-have for next weekend’s barbecue. As the days get shorter and the nights a little colder, you might as well welcome the extra heat. Brace yourself, then pace yourself. 

Mini Zonin Prosecco

If you feel your picnic basket is missing something, fret no more. Zonin’s Prosecco – now in  mini bottles – fit perfectly into your brunch plans. The dry, fruity flavour has hints of melon and pear with a lime finish. Cut it with juice for morning mimosas, or fruit purée for some bombastic bellinis. World-renowned Italian winemaker Zonin notes that Prosecco should be enjoyed when it is young, and the same can be said about life. With three 200-mil bottles to a pack, these are the most adorable beveraginos you ever did see.