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Mark Ronson
Mark Ronson examines sound creation and the technology that has shaped music as we know it.

All Eyes Are On Mark Ronson’s Watch The Sound

The renowned producer serves up a behind-the-scenes look at the music industry.

by Bryen Dunn

Music producer and DJ Mark Ronson explores the intersection of artistry and technology in his new Apple TV+ six-part docuseries, diving deep into the tools and techniques that revolutionized music. 

Each episode follows Ronson as he uncovers the untold stories behind music creation, and the lengths producers and creators are willing to go to find the perfect sound, or the sometimes accidental ways that perfect sound just happens. Over the course of the series he engages in candid conversations with music legends and icons, including Paul McCartney, Questlove, King Princess, Dave Grohl, Charli XCX and more, where he discovers the ways in which unique tools have influenced their work. He also chats with some of the pioneers in the world of instruments, from early-day synthesizers to the top-level equipment and technology of today. 

At the end of each episode, Ronson creates and unveils a unique piece of original music using the technology and techniques that have been discussed: sampling, reverb, auto-tune, synth, drum machines, and distortion. While the producer has enjoyed a solid career in music, working with many of the top names in the industry, watching this series makes it known that he’s a music fan as much as anyone else. His production career kicked off when he secured the recording gig on the debut release from Amy Winehouse, and it skyrocketed forward ever since. He’s since worked with the likes of Adele, Lady Gaga, Robbie Williams, Miley Cyrus, and his Uptown Funk Grammy Award collaboration with Bruno Mars. 

Yet with all this behind him, researching and interviewing for this project appears to be a dream come true for this music man. He seems as much in his element as a host, as he is when on stage performing. Mark Ronson’s Watch The Sound is for true die-hard music fans who want to know the secrets behind creating some of the biggest hits and sounds in history.

Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson, premieres July 30 on Apple TV+.