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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald Embarks on a New Chapter with "After a While"

The rural roving songwriter reflects on fatherhood and change while teasing his upcoming album, Horizon Lines.

by Michelle Cavaleri

Photo by David Paddock

Calgary-based singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald dives into the post-pandemic world heart first with his release of “After a While,” the first single from his upcoming album, Horizon Lines, set to be released in September 2024. Following the success of his 2020 record Love Valley, MBF’s new single weaves together soulful sounds and introspective lyrics, showcasing his passion for creating music that connects people through his art.

Entering fatherhood and embracing change after the pandemic, MBF explains the inspiration behind his new single: “I think ‘After a While’ does a good job of encapsulating what things feel like these days. The pressure seems to be up post-pandemic and I think we’re also all a little drained.”

Beginning the process in 2021, MBF crafted this song with his good friend and producer Josh Rob Gwilliam. The collaboration and writing process began on Zoom and concluded with the final mix being completed in Josh’s garage. “Long stretches of time seem to race by. I’m sure that’s maybe just the way things are with a big family and packed schedules, but I think it’s also a shared experience as we’re all working at finding our way again.”

The track’s warm and inviting sound, featuring live instrumentation mixed with pulsating synths, contributes to MBF’s signature style of inspiring connections through his art. “This track mixes a few musical elements that I love: direct, calm, focused, effect-sparse vocals, a droning acoustic that feels welcoming and sustained, big, moving drums, Eventide synth sounds, and very present (sometimes edgy) organ bass.”‘

MBF is set to go back out on the road throughout Western Canada in August 2024 for his Farm Tour | Tickets