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Mom Jeans Fit Just Right On Their Western Canadian Tour 

The California pop punk band dialled into a sweet spot somewhere between intimate and high energy.

by Marissa Ruggles

April 12, 2023

Calgary, AB

The Palace Theatre

California pop punk heavyweights Mom Jeans took the stage at the Palace Theatre in Calgary, AB for their second of fifth stop on their Western Canadian tour in good spirits, riding high on the conductivity of the electric opening acts. 

Local band Year over Year delivered heartfelt vocals with their expertly crafted sob rock style. Ottawa pop punk quintet Bearings pulled out all the stops with pure unadulterated energy accompanied by lively jumping and animated dance moves.

An intense voltage pulsed through the crowd while the members of Mom Jeans tuned and sound checked their own instruments before their set. Needing no extravagant introduction, Mom Jeans opened the show with a crowd phone flash-lit song, shifting the energy only for a moment before playing some of their classic tunes accompanied by beats from their newest album, Sweet Tooth. The crowd graciously sang along to every song.

The set ended with fan favourite, “Edward 40hands” and as the crowd shuffled in anticipation waiting for an encore, they were tenderly greeted with a solo by lead singer, Eric Butler. 

Mom Jeans have built their career as a band on intimate and high energy performances that overflow with fan engagement and a genuine, palpable passion for their craft. This evening was no exception.