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Mouraine Edmonton

Mouraine’s Guide To Edmonton

Celebrate the Juno Awards weekend with a map to Edmonton’s hot spots according to the one of the city’s most revered rappers. 

by Mouraine

Edmonton, Alberta — aka the City of Champions — is my hometown. I grew up in this city and every time I find myself elsewhere around the globe, I’m reminded that not many people really know or understand this place that is so dear to my heart. Edmonton has shaped who I am as a person and influenced my entire livelihood — from my first kiss to my biggest rap show. 

Every once in a while we get the odd visitor who comes through and I’m always honoured to take them around and show them everything this city has to offer. I’m not talking about a cliched trip to West Edmonton Mall — although that is really fun. Unfortunately though, this time around there’s just too many of you and too much going on.

Fun fact: Did you know Edmonton is the most multicultural city in Canada outside of Toronto, and has the largest Black community in Western Canada? That means culture and a lot of Black owned businesses to support.

One of my favourite things to do when I’m in a new city is drink coffee, so I’m going to kick off my official Guide to Edmonton with that while I also highlight some other places to check out for the best food, drink, and even haircuts. 

Remedy Cafe (various locations) is a cafe chain in the city and has amazing coffee and a decent selection of vegetarian options. Skip Starbucks for some local flavour if you can.


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Safron’s Caribbean Delight (8155 112 Ave NW) serves up Jamaican and Caribbean food that you won’t forget. They’ve got a pretty cozy atmosphere. I recommend you try the oxtail, beef stew, and goat curry.


Habesha African Market (0418 107 Ave NW) is the place to go if you prefer to do your own cooking and want some fresh groceries. They’re open late (until 9pm) and have a bunch of unique stuff from the Caribbean and South Africa that you can’t find anywhere else.


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Prime Time Donair (11343 104 Ave NW) I’ve been to Halifax a lot and they brag about their donair poutine but if you haven’t been to Prime Time, you ain’t had a donair poutine. If you really wanna get out of the way and visit my end of the city you also need to hit up Swiss Donair (8308 144 Ave NW)


Legit Kicks (5015 111 St NW, #360) If you want to get some fresh kicks this weekend catch the train over to Southgate Mall and visit Legit Kicks.


Legacy Barber Shop (8930 Jasper Ave, Unit 110) – If you’re looking for a quality hair cut around the downtown area, make sure you holla at my barber Dre. 


If you’re looking for a good brunch spot, the Sugar Bowl Cafe (10922 88 Ave NW) and the Common (9910 109 St NW) are equally great for their own reasons and offer a variety of food that will cure even the worst hangover.


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About Mouraine: 

Born in Sudan, bred in Edmonton, AB, and destined for stages around the world, Mouraine is a hip-hop trailblazer who deserves your attention. His debut EP, Bigger Dreams, dropped in 2021 via Birthday Cake Records and received props from Complex, The Source, CBC, RANGE, and more. His sophomore album, In Search of Gold, is out now and offers a metaphorical representation of his life journey. Mouraine always thought chasing possessions would fulfil him, but now realizes that finding gold is really finding one’s purpose, peace and happiness. Check out his aptly titled latest single, “Gold” here