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Photo: Maryam Said
Photo: Maryam Said

poolblood is Guided by Serene Sensibilities on theres_plenty_of_music_to_go_around.zip

Maryam Said dovetails elements of bedroom pop, ‘70s folk and ’90s alt-rock to create a sound all their own.

by Meghan Borthwick

To discover poolblood, the moniker for Toronto-based singer-songwriter Maryam Said, is to set foot in a current of acoustic sound waves that defy any one genre, and be swept away by an ethereal voice that is strikingly raw and distinct. 

Their new EP, theres_plenty_of_music_to_go_around.zip, expands on the journey that began with their 2023 debut album, mole. With two new songs and a live version of “twinkie,” poolblood blends their songcrafting prowess with deliveries that are both gentle and pressing. Their stripped-down version of “twinkie” feels more intimate than previous live recordings (released with Audiotree Live), their vulnerability revealing a radical measure of honest self-reflection. Tender and dreamy, “resin” is the sonic equivalent of basking in the moment, and invokes elements of Nick Drake’s Pink Moon as it drifts through stunning orchestral arrangements. 

By the final track, “wringer,” poolblood’s serene sensibilities overflow with twangy guitar riffs that steadily swell with persistent drums and vocal harmonies before plunging back down to linger on the last note. 

poolblood is constantly reinventing themself. They lay the groundwork for their soundscape in one song, and then change the blueprint and reconstruct what they are doing in the next. The common thread, however, lies in their unabashed authenticity. They know who they are.