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Prado - Prado Monroe

BC: Top 10 of 2021

by Ben Boddez

Prado continues to be unapologetically brash and confident over a jam-packed six tracks on her long-awaited debut, PRADO MONROE. Bordering on hyperpop with whiplash tempos, she blazes through cheerleader-style gang vocals, tropical guitar loops, psychedelic soundscapes, and NY drill-influenced wobbly bass without warning. Smashing expectations with a megastar’s presence, Prado already knows that you love this project.

Bo Burnham’s transcendent comedy special isn’t the only great piece of COVID-adjacent art titled Inside released this year. The indie-rock quintet’s latest opens and closes with the sounds of the 7pm clanging pots and pans that once heralded the essential workers, and many of the tracks find them grappling with introspective thoughts while trapped in a room – being stuck inside one’s own head being an even worse fate than the physical boundaries.