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Project Nowhere

Project Nowhere Is Everywhere and Everything

An introduction to Toronto's newest genre bending multi-venue music festival in Little Portugal.

by Sarah Morrisson

Photo (L-R): Gloin, Myst Milano, Slash Need

Toronto’s Little Portugal neighborhood is welcoming a new music festival to their doorstep with Project Nowhere. The festival, curated and hosted by DIG Presents, offers a genre-bending adventure, celebrating psych, post-punk, hip hop, synth pop, punk, hardcore, and a range of electronic music. Festival attendees will have the chance to discover emerging independent and underground music from not only Toronto, but Montreal and the US as well, spanning between 5 integral local music venues all within walking distance along Dundas Street West. “We wanted to channel the excitement of a venue-hopping festival experience. Toronto used to have some that were well-loved, but now it’s mostly single venue festivals or more expansive city-wide events,” says Juliana Carlevaris, founder of DIG. 

For those new to the concept, new to the music community, or who are just planning on attending as something to do this weekend, don’t fret! RANGE has the inside scoop on what to see, what to experience, and how to get organized ahead of the festivities.

Let’s breakdown Project Nowhere’s first-year lineup! Although the set-times will be released closer to the weekend itself, the festival has already released their venue and day schedules. Here is our list of must-see acts: 

Slash Need 

Slash Need, an electrifying collaboration between Dust E and Alex Low, emerges as a dynamic force in the realm of industrial techno. The pair’s live performances are captivating, infusing a dramatic touch by incorporating guest artists dressed in alluring attire and enigmatic nylon masks. Attending a Slash Need performance feels like an immersive experience, and it’s surely not one to miss! 


GLOIN, the Toronto-based noise rock powerhouse, has become a force to be reckoned with. Their cacophonous soundscapes are a whirlwind of raw energy, distorted guitars, and thunderous rhythms, mesmerizing audiences into their auditory vortex. GLOIN pushes the boundaries of conventional rock and leaves audiences exhilarated. Watching member Vic Byers shred onstage with unapologetic intensity will be a highlight performance of the weekend. 


Myst Milano

Myst Milano is a captivating multidisciplinary artist and dedicated community advocate, with a prominent presence as a dynamic DJ and performer. Recognized as a vital figure in the Canadian Ballroom and vogue scene, Myst Milano’s artistic prowess extends beyond the music realm, encapsulating the essence of the underground arts culture. Their influence transcended boundaries during the pivotal 2020 George Floyd protests, where they served as a trusted news source, communicating crucial information through online platform Club Quarantine.

La Sécurité

La Sécurité is the explosive embodiment of art-punk and new-wave, setting the Montreal music scene ablaze with their magnetic sound. Composing a formidable quintet of musicians, each a force of their own with roots in renowned local bands such as Choses Sauvages, Pressure Pin, Laurence-Anne, and Silver Dapple, this collective brings together a wealth of musical talent. Their debut album, Stay Safe!, released earlier this year, boldly delves into the realms of self-actualization, feminism, and the bonds of friendship. La Sécurité is a sonic revelation, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions with every electrifying note. 

Read our interview with La Sécurité here

Weird Nightmare

While the tendency with solo offerings is to compare them to the artist’s main band, that does a disservice to Weird Nightmare. The solo project of METZ’s Alex Edkins stands triumphantly on its own. Still, comparisons are inevitable. If Metz is “a band of all drummers” as Death From Above 1979’s Jesse Keeler once put it, then Weird Nightmare is a band of pianists. If Metz is the sound of things falling apart, then Weird Nightmare is the sound of things coming together. If Metz is… You get the idea. 

Read our interview with Alex Edkins of Weird Nightmare here

Club Soda (DJ)

Club Soda, the alter ego of Maria Taifour, has become one of the hottest Toronto DJs, gracing iconic local venues like Bambi’s, Embassy, The Garrison, Houndstooth, Little Jerry, Loveless Cafe, and Swan Dive. With a vinyl collection that spans the realms of jazz, no-wave, italo-electro, and post-punk, Club Soda sets are a mesmerizing journey through the sonic tapestry of the underground. Prepare to immerse yourself in a vibrant community of music aficionados who share a similar passion for sonic exploration | PLAYLIST

Curious to know what festival DIG founder Juliana Carlevaris is most excited for this year? With such musical variety in the lineup and so many venues to venture off to, it’s hard for anyone to catch everything going on this weekend! “This sounds kind of cliché, but I’m actually really excited for everything on the lineup. There are a few artists I haven’t had a chance to see live yet, so those [ones].”

Regardless of which show you end up at, head on over to The Garrison after the headlining performances come to an end for all your afterparty needs. Each night, The Garrison will have a featured DJ spinning tunes until their 4 a.m. last call. They’ve got DJ OGQT on the decks Thursday, DJ Club Soda on Friday, and Downward Spiral DJs closing out the festivities on Saturday! 

“The lineup is mainly focused on independent and emerging artists so I would really encourage people to check out things they have never heard of before,” Carlevaris says. “Toronto can be a really tough city to crack as an artist, so we’re trying to generate opportunities for artists that are newer to the market by pairing them with more established artists. That only works if people approach the festival with an open mind and sense of discovery – come early for openers, stay for the artist you’re not familiar with. Just check it out – it might not be for you, but it might be your new favourite artist.”

If you’re not overly familiar with Little Portugal or Dundas St. W, and you’re a visual person, you can also open up ‘My Maps’ on Google and create a map with all five venues on it ahead of time. This way, you can see just how far each venue is from one another and you can plan out your night with this in mind. A little reminder: the TTC now allows you to tap using your credit card, so if you’re in a hurry and need to jump on a streetcar, just whip out your phone or card to tap on and quickly make your way to the next venue. 

Looking for somewhere to eat in the area? Antler, The Federal, Imanishi, Piñata Taco, and Milou are must-tries in the area! 

A heads up before heading out, make sure you have cash on-hand, as the majority (if not all) of the venues participating in Project Nowhere are cash-only bars. There will be ATMs available, but if you’d like to come prepared, make sure you’ve got a little change in your pocket. 

And yes, weekend passes for Project Nowhere are officially sold out. But, if there’s a line-up at one of the venues you’re most excited to see, you can still purchase a ticket for that show! Don’t forget about the afterparties at The Garrison, as those are free and all are welcome to attendyou don’t require a weekend pass to turn up to the venue.

Project Nowhere runs October 5 to 7 in Toronto, ON | TICKETS & INFO