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Photo: Steph Verschuren

5 Epic Songs That renforshort Thinks Are The Future

Upgrade your playlist with these tracks from Alice Glass, ericdoa, Inhaler, and more.

by renforshort

The genre-defying pop artist renforshort is keeping her isolation memories alive with her recent EP, off saint dominique, a coming-of-age tale that draws upon the thoughts and stories that turned up while living in the Mild End district of Montreal. Having since relocated to Los Angeles, renforshort recently diverted her attention to select a handful songs for us that showcase emerging voices in the music landscape. From a new collab between Alice Glass (Crystal Castles) and Alice Longyu Gao to indie emo newcomer, Wallice, we asked renforshort to share five epic songs she thinks are the future.

Alice Longyu Gao and Alice Glass 

This song makes me feel like I can do anything. It’s empowering and iconic. I think that Alice Longyu Gao and Alice Glass together are a work of art!



This is just such a good driving song and the writing is so amazing. It’s so relatable when you want to be with someone but it can’t happen so you just fantasize about them. I love it. Eric is also an artist that’s gonna be massive, he’s so talented. 


“Punching Bag”

The chorus of this song is pretty perfect. It feels so fresh and melancholy. Wallice is such a sick artist and she’s poppin’ right now. Definitely someone to look out for!



This song is so calming, it puts me at ease and it’s so beautiful! I love the writing and Kamal.’s voice. This song has such a beautiful combination of heavy bass synth and soft vocals, which is pretty interesting and super sick.


“When It Breaks”

This song is so good. The chorus is so catchy, the vocals are insanely good, and it’s overall such a vibe. I think Inhaler is a band to watch out for this year. They’re all incredibly talented and deserve to be so big.

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