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Ruth B
Ruth B performed a “Moments” livestream on June 17 to promote her new album, ‘Moments In Between.’

Ruth B’s “Moments” Captured An Intimate Live Show Experience

The R&B singer-songwriter played a 40-minute show that brought to mind the private atmosphere of a small, packed venue.

by Luis Minvielle

R&B singer-songwriter, Ruth B, performed a livestream gig on Thursday, June 17 as part of the Moment House “Moment” series and it provided a beautiful reprieve for anyone craving a live show experience. For 40 consecutive minutes the artist who won our hearts with her 2015 hit single, “Lost Boy,” transported us to another time and place where her music was able to shine front and centre. 

Over the course of the performance she opted for her deep cuts, playing a scaled-down set. By titling the event “An Evening with Ruth B. – Stories & Songs,” spectators could foresee an intimate, stripped-down show where her stories would guide the performance. This is exactly what they got. Playing some of her newest tracks from recent album, Moments In Between, she serenaded fans at home from a softly lit environment surrounded by bouquets of flowers. Intimate moments, we all know, have to do with being there. But in spite of the distance, Ruth and her crew got as close as it can get to a small, private live show.

Moment House was established in 2019 by the Jimmy Iovine & Dr. Dre Academy for Innovation at USC and has already hosted “Moments” by artists such as Tame Impala, Kaytranada or Omar Apollo. The Moments in Between tour will keep on for an additional date. When live shows return in full swing, Ruth B’s soothing voice will certainly be providing intimate moments in physical venues all over the world.

Ruth’s new LP Moments In Between is available now via Downtown Records: https://orcd.co/momentsinbetween

Ruth B
Ruth B