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Serpentwithfeet Finds Comfort In A New Experiment On Deacon

The experimental RnB artist celebrates love in all forms.

by Daniel Hartmann

Serpentwithfeet’s second studio album, Deacon, is a joyous and thoughtful project that sees the experimental musician known for his wild vocal arrangements incorporate pop elements into his already unique sound.

The album celebrates Black, queer love and the affection shared in friendships and familial connections. To display this feeling of love, sonically, Serpentwithfeet has attempted to write softer-sounding songs with serene instrumentals and pop-inspired lyrics. It’s a dramatic shift from his previous release, Soil, a record filled with raw lyrics about love, lust, and heartbreak with dark atmospheric production. The experiment seems to have worked, as tracks like “Amir” and “Same Size Shoes” are both fun and uplifting while still taking musical risks. 

Deacon, like all of his previous work, is built around his innovative vocal arrangements. He has an incredible vocal range and is unafraid of experimentation. 

At times, the instrumentation is deliberately sparse: limited to a paired down drum beat or a plucked guitar, directing all the focus to the vocals. The quieter moments feel like intimate conversations between Serp and a loved one, with groovy harmonies and melodies in the background; The louder songs are full of choral arrangements and angelic keys that create a feeling of celebration.