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Small World Music Festival Returns With An Emphasis On Collaboration

Toronto’s end-of-season celebration is proving it’s a small world after all.

by Rachel Ecker

The summer is coming to a close but Small World Music is pushing the hot season celebration to commemorate 25 years of blending musical styles and influences from around the world.

From September 16 to 18, Small World will bring together local and international musicians and performers for a free event at Fort York Garrison Common. Opening the doors of Toronto’s scenic heart to artists and audiences alike, Small World sparks further celebration for Toronto’s history, present, and future through musical connection.

The hallmark of this festival is its catalyzing of collaborations among musicians who each bring their own distinct influences to their sounds. Founder of Small World Music, Alan Davis, explains, “We might have an Iranian musician playing with Chilean [performers] and West African artists, and new sounds start bubbling up.” 

The festival features an extensive array of emerging and established musical artists, many of whom are new to Canada and in search of a musical community. Artists this year include Funk Lion, Moneka Arabic Jazz, Pantayo, Shauit, Joyce N’Sana, Clerel, Hawa B, and more.

Davis goes on to say the Small World Music Festival has helped create new groups and configurations to develop new repertoires through collaboration. “Toronto, as a meeting place, lends itself to this kind of creative interaction to the extent that it seems to be a hallmark of the city and its music,” he says.

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