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Photo: Alex Da Corte
Photo: Alex Da Corte

St. Vincent Isn’t Screaming, You’re Screaming 

The art pop experimentalist pens a powerful soundtrack for the end of times with All Born Screaming.

by Madeline Lines

St. Vincent is well aware that the world’s on fire. The art pop savant born Annie Clark can be found sinking her teeth into the malaise of late with subject matter well-suited to her signature edge on All Born Screaming, her seventh studio album. Coming off of the diary entry of Daddy’s Home, a concept album loosely tied around her father coming home from a 12-year jail sentence for a multimillion dollar stock-manipulation scheme, the new album is a welcome change of pace. 

Aside from having a more relatable core, the album has some tasty riffs and songs that gnaw at you with their haunting loops and lyrics. “I look at you and all I see is meat,” coos Clark on the evocative track “Flea,” spattered with drums from Dave Grohl. Other standouts include “Sweetest Fruit” and “The Power’s Out,” the latter a perfect melancholic anthem for the end times. 

As her first entirely self-produced album, the making of the record was an experiment in itself for the avant-garde, experimental popstress. For an album buzzing with anxieties about the end of the world, the uncertainty of the future, and the cruelness of our time, it made sense for her to lock herself in a room alone to spiral and fixate. The resulting work is marinated in this grisly feeling, and it produces yet another great St. Vincent album that does what they do best – make you feel some type of way.

Total Pleasure Records, 2024