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Photo: Daniel Lastres
Photo: Daniel Lastres

Tedy's Manic Party Will Leave You Crying On The Dance Floor 

The Toronto titan of the power ballad starts to let loose on a more upbeat and pop-oriented project. 

by Ben Boddez

If you’re already familiar with Haitian-Canadian pop-R&B vocalist Tedy’s work, the title Manic Party might seem somewhat unexpected. Rising to prominence by showing off his impressive, soaring vocals and pouring out his emotions over piano arrangements, he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would want to go to any kind of party.

His online presence however tells a bit of a different story, from his big personality beginnings as YouTube’s “Reaction King” to racking up over a million followers on TikTok through joking around. As Sam Smith roars back into the public eye, Tedy’s newfound combination of his usual power balladry and more dance-oriented beats give him all the space he needs to merge his two personas and cry on the dance floor in a similar way.

Tedy’s main lyrical focus is on relationships and finding the strength to stand on his own without them, powerfully addressing the second death of a relationship on lead single “I Wanted My Heart To Break” as he goes through a second period of mourning while finding himself getting over it. The emotional rollercoaster continues when he sounds oddly happy belting out a phrase like “it tears me apart,” like he’s relieved to be getting it all off his chest. The opening track kicks off with Tedy addressing a “party in his head,” a frantic beat bubbling under the surface and threatening to break out before it finally succeeds, persisting throughout most of the EP’s runtime as Tedy unleashes the party – and all the complicated feelings that go along with it – into the real world.