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The Sorels Break The Ice On “Love Your Rock ‘N Roll”

Watch the Winnipeg power punk trio’s new summer-loving single from their forthcoming EP. 

by Sebastian Buzzalino

Photo by Delf Timschal Gravert

Drawing a direct line in bubblegum-pink lipstick to the glam proto-punk days of the 70s, Winnipeg’s The Sorels wear their influences on their vintage-styled sleeves. On their latest single, “Love Your Rock ‘N Roll,” doo wop girl gang vocals shimmer overtop rudimentary bops that strip it all down to its punkiest rudimentaries: a golden hour sonnet to enjoying that fleeting feeling of summertime to the max.

From the self-proclaimed “tiniest/toughest girl gang,” read on to find out who The Sorels’ dream Rockaway Beach partners are, the power of nostalgia in rock and roll, and why Winnipeggers do summer best.

“Love Your Rock ‘N Roll” is the lead single off your upcoming EP of the same name. What went into writing and recording the EP?

“The Jerk” and “Make Me Party” were songs we had written all together and had been playing live for awhile. Our buddy Spencer had recorded demos of them awhile back, live off the floor for his radio show, Brain Drainer. The song “Love Your Rock ‘N Roll” was newer, and written differently!

Jill and I came up with the song sitting around my kitchen table. We recorded the idea on an iPhone with me playing guitar, Jill slapping her thighs, stomping her feet for percussion and singing a bass line, then we sent that to Jenn to put the cherry on top. We didn’t hear the song completed until we recorded the EP (at Argyle Studios with Cam Loeppky) because nobody was jamming — COVID times!

We really had a lot of fun with this one! Jill plays glockenspiel on the title track, Jenn added stylophone in “The Jerk,” and Joanne plays a powder pink alto sax on “Make Me Party,” with Jill taking over lead vocals on that one.

Manitoban punk can often be associated with dark, discordant, oppressive winters, but The Sorels offer up a sun-drenched antidote to that malaise.  What sparks the most joy as a band during summertime?

What sparks summertime joy? Well, we LOVE to roller skate! The new single, the first line is about lacing up your skates (“not too tight – alright!”) which is also kinda how we like our rock n roll! Our summer is so beautiful, but so short, so ya gotta soak it up however/whenever. Playing outdoor shows in the summer is the best, and we’ve had some great new outdoor venues pop up over the last couple summers! We’re also the slurpee capital of the world, sooo Winnipeggers know how to do summer!

Nostalgia features prominently in The Sorels’ aesthetic and Frank Zappa once said that the world might end in paperwork and nostalgia. How would you respond to him?

The Sorels love classic rock, Seventies glam, power pop and doo-wop; what’s not to love about nostalgia? Paperwork, though? Nooo thanks.

If you could spend a day on Rockaway Beach with any artist, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy, and Johnny – who else? (Do we have to pick one?) But seriously, why else do we Winnipeg gals know what Rockaway beach is, if not for the Ramones! Gabba Gabba, HEY!

The Sorels’ Love Your Rock ‘N Roll EP will be released Sept. 2 via Reta Records. 

Director of photography Gwendolyn Trutnau, Photography by