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WAKE - Thought Form Descent

Metal Blade Records

by Christine Leonard

Summer 2022 officially caught fire thanks to this blazing LP delivered straight from the Metal Blade forge. A welcome addition to the YYC-based band’s oeuvre, Thought Form Descent took listeners on a road trip to Dante’s inferno.

Turning the lens on their inner demons, WAKE emerged from their pandemic hibernation with a battery of new songs that put their technical chops at the forefront of every blistering track. From the razor-blade maelstrom of opening cut “Infinite Inward” to the stalker-vibes of “Venerate (The Undoing of All),” WAKE glories in each suspenseful note and illustrative riff. WAKE’s eerie architecture casts a goosebump-raising shadow that’ll bring tears to your eyes and blood to your ears.