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Photo: Aidan Zamiri
Photo: Aidan Zamiri

Wallows Strike A Pose That Sticks With Model

The alt-rock trio strip down to tackle the pressures of modern life with confidence. 

by Sarah Morrison

Wallows’ third album, Model, is a refreshing leap forward for the alt-rock trio, who have traded in their past anxieties for a more vibrant and mesmerizing sound. With John Congleton back on production duties, Wallows effortlessly blend catchy indie rock vibes with fresh, refined elements that highlight their artistic growth.

Model is packed with infectious melodies and emotional depth. Tracks like “Calling After Me,” “Your Apartment,” and “Don’t You Think It’s Strange,” bring a playful spirit that’s hard to resist, showcasing a lighter, more confident side of the band. The album draws you in from the first track and keeps you hooked throughout, making it nearly impossible to resist.

Lyrically, Model tackles the pressures of modern life with a focus on authenticity and simplicity. The stripped-down production allows each instrument to shine, resulting in a raw, genuine sound that feels both fresh and familiar. The album balances personal introspection with universal themes, all wrapped up in Wallows’ signature catchy style.

With Model, Wallows prove they’re not just evolving—they’re thriving. The album’s blend of heartfelt performances and engaging hooks solidifies their place in the modern indie rock world, offering a fun and captivating experience for both longtime fans and newcomers alike. Get ready to hit repeat—Wallows are striking a pose and this time they’ve outdone themselves.