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White Reaper and Spiritual Cramp Have a Text Conversation 

Band leaders Tony Esposito and Mike Bingham go back and forth on the heels of their split seven-inch.


Joining forces for a two-song split seven-inch and an upcoming tour, Spiritual Cramp and White Reaper – hailing from San Francisco and Louisville, respectively – have been feeling the collaborative love lately. 

With so much camaraderie in the air, what better way to display their bond than to have Spiritual Cramp frontman Michael Bingham and White Reaper band leader Tony Esposito interview each other over SMS. Check out their chat below – complete with dog pictures, shoutouts to up-and-coming favourite bands and a heated debate on the artistic merits of The Pixies.

Michael Bingham: Interview time! First question is – who are the Tommys and when will the debut LP hit the streets?



Tony Esposito: Loaded question lol. Tommys are a total enigma. They hate each other so it’s hard for them to be productive. Every few years they put their differences aside and make some sort of appearance. They were last seen performing at the Kentucky State Fair a few years back, but they’ve been pretty quiet since.

MB: Great answer. Those who know, know!!!!

TE: What’s up in Mike’s world today?

MB: I’m going to take my dog to the dog park, go to the gym, work on lyrics for our new album and then I’m gonna go and sing a song with Gouge Away at their show here in LA. Wby bro?



TE: Getting some poolside sun rn but after that I’m gonna work on our new album too! Can I see your dog?



MB: I just laughed out loud. He’s acting like an asshole rn because it’s past his exercise time.

TE: Handsome lad. So when you work out lyrics how do you usually go about that? I find it to be pretty challenging sometimes.



MB: Man it’s so challenging lol. I start with a hook first. I’ll hum a hook. Once I get a big hook I try to go through my catalogue of lyrics and plug them into the hook. That’s the ideal way. I hear White Reaper is an incredible live band – what’s your viewpoint on the live version of White Reaper?

TE: It’s hard to say honestly. I think we just have a ton of fun up there playing the songs. But it’s like, Ireally wish I could see us play a show so I could get that fresh perspective and decide what we should do differently y’know? 

MB: I think about that all the time. I wish I could watch Spiritual Cramp. Would for sure get second hand embarrassment. 

TE: Yeah I worry about that too hahaha. Yo I wanted to ask, when you guys demo, what DAW are you using? Are you a Logic guy?



MB: Yeah Logic all the way. It was a natural jumping point for me after GarageBand. I really wanna pivot to Pro Tools I just don’t know how to dive in.

TE: Dude yeah I’m too stupid for Pro Tools. Logic rules.

MB: Alright I got one – who’s the most famous person you’ve played in front of?

TE: Lmaoooo. We opened for Blink for a show and the Kardashians were there but they probably didn’t watch us for real. 

MB: That’s crazy as hell.

TE: Bill Nye went to one of those shows too and I actually saw him watching us haha. Hoping for a new answer to this question on our tour together.

MB: Man I was on Hilary Duff’s story on Instagram the other day.



TE: Haha that’s tight. I think we played some shows with her husband he’s really cool.

MB: Damn he a rocker?

TE: Big time. I think they covered a Third Eye Blind song together. 

MB: That’s sick. What newer bands have you been listening to? Any sick bands you wanna shout out?

TE: My friends in Native Sun came through Louisville last month and they’re always incredible, they were on tour with a band called Thus Love and it was my first time seeing them and I thought they were really great. What about you?

MB: I really like the band Sour Widows from the Bay Area. They’re in the middle of an album release. They’re a hella cool slowcore indie band. Also The Umbrellas from SF slap super hard.



TE: Hell yeah. Dude I saw y’all are touring with The Hives I’m so jealous! That’s like a total bucket list tour for me, it’s gonna be so tight.

MB: Man yeah what the fuck lol. I’m so hyped. One of my favourite bands of all time. When do yall hit the road next (sans our shows together)? What’s the new album drop??

TE: Our tour together is our next one, we were tied up in the studio these last few months haha. As far as our new record I honestly don’t know! It’s moving pretty fast in the studio though so it won’t be too long.

MB: I think I speak for White Reaper fans everywhere when I say we are all very excited to hear what you are cooking. I have one final question. Who is your most hated musical act of all time?



TE: Damn that’s a good question let me think. Super controversial but I never got into Radiohead and people always seem really surprised by that. It’s not that I hate them it’s more that I just can’t relate for some reason? I don’t really get it. I gotta know yours.

MB: I’ll keep it a stack – same. My most hated band of all time is The Pixies. It’s quirky graphic design uncle music. 


MB: People who look like Sideshow Bob like The Pixies.

TE: Lol I like them but you’re not TEong. Hahahaha.

MB: I know it’s controversial. Malachi from MBowl has tried to hard to turn me onto them.

TE: It’s always so funny when people try to get you on board with these things. 



MB: Yeah like straight up I’m not a hater at all.



The Spiritual Cramp / White Reaper split 7-inch is available to order here

Spiritual Cramp tour dates:

6/13 – Detroit – Lager House
6/14 – Cleveland – Grog Shop
6/15 – Toronto – Lee’s Place
6/16 – Montreal – Bar Le Ritz
6/17 – Boston – Brighton Music Hall $
6/19 – Brooklyn – Elsewhere $
6/20 – Philadelphia – Underground Arts $
6/21 – DC – Atlantis $
6/22 – Raleigh – Kings
7/25 – San Diego – Casbah
7/26 – Los Angeles – Lodge Room
7/27 – Sacramento – The Starlet Room
7/29 – Seattle – Madam Lou’s
7/30 – Vancouver, BC – Fox Cabaret
7/31 – Portland, OR – Polaris Hall
8/2 – San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop
8/8 – Santa Ana – The Observatory &

$ – White Reaper Support
* – Movements Support
& – Hives Support