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Bratboy – “Kiss Me” (Sixpence None The Richer)

The Vancouver punk duo of Bella Bébé and Megan Magdalena (formerly known as bb) recruited drummer Tony Dallas into their ranks and came out of the pandemic swinging as Bratboy. Although the pop punk genre is experiencing a modern-day resurgence, the band offer a decidedly retro spin on things with dizzying tempos, surf-pop elements, playful Ramones-style vocal delivery and the fuzz turned all the way up. You just have to look at the cover art for their single “Blue Eyes,” where Bébé and Magdalena are dressed up as a nun and the devil, to know how much fun this band is having.

What was your first live music experience?

Bella: Prince

Meg: Spice Girls

When did you realize you wanted to be a performer?

Bella: I’ve always loved music and watching other people perform. I grew up dancing and playing music at a young age, so I feel like it’s always been a part of my life.

Who are some of your biggest female-identifying inspirations?

Meg: Kim Deal, Kathleen Hannah, Amy Taylor, Kelli Polly.

Bella: Debbie Harry, Wendy O Williams, Dusty Springfield, Amy Taylor (also), Sylvie Vartan, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Vivian Girls, Shania Twain.

What are your memories of the Women & Songs compilation series?

Bella: I remember these CDs were always at the stores, but I don’t think we ever owned one at home.

Meg: My mom bought it for me as a kid.

Why did you choose the song you covered for this project?

Bella: The song’s vocal melody, harmonies, and chord progression were the closest to a song I would write.

Meg: The movie She’s All That!