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AOC Finds Catharsis in Vancouver Rapper Kimmortal’s “Sad Femme Club”

“If I lose my shit right now, will I just be dismissed right now?”


While we wish it were under better circumstances, it’s still incredible to see Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez give a shoutout to Vancouver-based rapper Kimmortal on her latest Instagram story. Posting a series of videos that featured her rapping along to their 2019 single “Sad Femme Club” in response to the ongoing confirmation hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, AOC likened the potential Supreme Court Justice’s calm demeanour when faced with a series of personal attacks, dog whistles, and unrelated unprofessional lines of questioning from Republican senators to Kimmortal’s refrain: “If I lose my shit right now / will I just be dismissed right now?”

As a non-binary and queer rapper of Filipino descent, Kimmortal’s track, which AOC dubbed her “anthem this week,” sees them speaking about having “zero tolerance” for systemic discrimination against anyone not from traditional power structures, sections of the track that AOC played underneath some of her own words – “Our hearts are breaking the entire time because she’s smiling through it with grace even though she shouldn’t have to EVER accept this disgusting behaviour.” 

Not only did AOC make some great points – she was able to match Kimmortal’s speedy flows with surprising proficiency. Would it be too much to ask for her to drop a track?