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Bülow Fights Through Relationship Purgatory in “Don’t Break His Heart” Video

The Ontario songstress takes her sharp lyrical abilities in a new, heavier musical direction. 

by Ben Boddez

The breathy, stylized vocals and tendency to deliver almost all of her lyrics with an audible sarcastic eye-roll have already landed the German-born Ontario indie-pop songstress Bülow a couple of massive hit singles on Canadian radio, but her latest musical direction might have the potential to expand her reach even further. In her latest single and video for “Don’t Break His Heart,” the instrumental palates behind her finally measure up to the acerbic bite of her lyrics, substituting her subdued synth-pop energy for a live drumbeat and crunchy and raw guitar tones, riding a wave of early 2000s pop-rock roaring back to the top of streaming charts.

Considering the fight between the angel and devil advising Bülow on how best to break off a relationship she’s outgrown, the dark, purgatorial space of the music video seems highly appropriate. Bülow wanders through the void, reliving memories of dates that find her partner head-over-heels in love as she stares straight into the camera, emotionless. Directed by Brent Campanelli, mostly known for some recognizable commercials for monoliths like Pepsi and McDonalds, Bülow’s striking appearances in vintage glamour complement her compelling lyrical grapplings with whether severing ties is worth the heartbreak it will cause to the other party.