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DACEY Dish Out A Whole Lotta Love On New Single, "LUV U A LIL BIT"

The Vancouver indie quartet drum up the hindsight needed to move on from a past lover.

by Glenn Alderson

DACEY (pronounced DAH-SEE) is taking off their rose-coloured glasses and finding the strength to move on with the release of their latest single, “LUV U A LIL BIT.” 

The Vancouver based alt-R&B/neo-soul recording project led by Dacey Andrada is rounded out by guitarists Justin Tecson and Waterfall Eyes, plus bassist Joshua Akow. The bandmates met while attending Nimbus School Of Recording & Media, a private technical music production institute. Since forming three years ago they’ve been putting the industry skills they acquired to good use, maneuvering their way through the complicated nuances of the music industry. “We’re all business minded and were taught the same thing in school at Nimbus,” Andrada tells RANGE. “We take as much knowledge as we can to keep us on the safe side of the music business.”

DACEY has been amassing an impressive fanbase following the release of their sultry seven-track album, SATIN PLAYGROUND. Keeping the momentum going with fresh new tunes, “LUV U A LIL BIT” encapsulates the perils of modern day romance and the pains of moving on with empowered enthusiasm. The track breathes with a raw energy that will rumble your headphones while it soothes your soul. When asked about the single and its central figure, DACEY says: “As time goes on, she later realizes that her nostalgia has clouded her judgement and caused her to overlook the bad in the relationship, however this doesn’t ease her yearning.”

Influenced by artists such as Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, SZA, and Anderson .Paak, DACEY is making their mark with a fresh sound for a new generation of music lovers, far beyond the reaches of Vancouver.