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Frankie Rose

Frankie Rose’s Love As Projection Is A Dream Come True

The former Vivian Girls/Dum Dum Girls singer makes her first album in six years a hazy, hopeful trip.

by Fraser Hamilton

Remember that scene in Twin Peaks? Where Agent Cooper and all the other characters watch Julee Cruise sing this heartbreaking song that makes everyone cry and question reality? Frankie Rose’s music, especially in her latest album Love As Projection, manages to evoke that same nostalgic feeling of love and a little bit of despair. It’s too dreamy.

Known for her work with indie rock groups Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls, Rose’s first solo album since 2017’s Cage Tropical is a welcome return. Love As Projection’s music feels steeped in otherworldly new-wave synth, going beyond the sometimes doom-and-gloom feel and ascending to sounds that can also feel hopeful and bright. 

Songs like “Saltwater Girl” sound like an 80s prom that’s falling to pieces, while more upbeat tracks like “Anything” or “Sleeping Night and Day” pulse with fuzzy beats reminiscent of Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, or My Bloody Valentine. It’s very much a more pop-focused version of shoegaze, creating a synth-y distortion where Rose’s voice almost gets lost. 

But isn’t that the point? Frankie Rose’s music wants you to fall and get lost inside it, enveloping the listener in a hazy dream that feels both modern and timeless.