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Gunna hero 2 (1)

Gunna Turns Up The Heat With DS4EVER

The Atlanta rapper’s final instalment in an ongoing mixtape series gets the full album treatment.

by Ben Boddez

Apparently the final instalment in what began as a mixtape series by a mostly-unknown Gunna in 2016, DS4EVER is technically the Young Thug disciple’s third full-length studio album. While his malleable vocal work and extensive detailing of his lavish lifestyle remain firmly in place, Gunna has clearly opted to kick off the musical year with an explosion as he tones down the melodies, adopts some triplet flows and tackles some heavier beats full of hi-hat rolls and blaring sirens. 

The abbreviated title of the project stands for “Drip Season,” referring to the slang term for a highly fashionable or unique outfit, and Gunna’s vocal performances are often so hypnotically compelling simply because he sounds like someone renowned for looking great everywhere he goes. He rarely rises above a laid-back, nonchalant half-whisper that turns into an easygoing glide when the Auto-Tune filter goes on. The repetitive nature of the music is often a knock against his contemporaries, but Gunna shines when it comes to the undeniably cool, vibe-heavy mantras that bury their way into listeners’ brains.

The usual suspects show up on the feature list, but this time, Gunna’s alteration to his style has him sounding more at home as the slightly mellower counterpart to more aggressive showcases from Future, 21 Savage and G Herbo rather than the melodic stylings of Lil Baby and Yung Bleu. He’s certainly not for everyone’s tastes, but Gunna’s appeal often sneaks up on you over time. Plus, he knows how to do numbers regardless.

Best Track: mop (Ft. Young Thug)