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We Asked Some Of Our Favourite Musicians: "How Do You Spice Up Your Caesar?"



Mott’s Clamato recently directed their sights on Canada as a whole, the vast piece of land that birthed the almighty Caesar, to find out who had the best take on the classic cocktail that they play a very integral part in. From the west coast to the east, they discovered that there are no shortage of interpretations when it comes to the celebrated patio pal that has been dressed up in the most incredible ways since its inception.

This year’s finalists included past Canadian Caesar champ Kjeryn Dakin from Sylvan Lake, AB, who impressed with her Emperor’s Tea Caesar. The recipe stands out for obvious reasons calling for white tea from the emperor’s private mountain garden with red pepper paste, mandarin, turmeric, basil, a secret black licorice root and more. Montreal’s Bar Le Jockey offered another commanding cocktail, throwing down a tribute to Japanese culture with their Le Shogun Caesar that highlighted authentic flavours such as cucumber, nori sheets, marinated ginger and a special sauce. However, the winner for this year’s Best Caesar In Town competition deservedly went to one called the Suffering Caesar by London Richard from the Sorso Lounge just outside of Calgary in Airdrie, AB. Richard’s crowned achievement includes pineapple rum, fermented black garlic and mango nectar with a bone marrow ice cube (!!!) and torched nutmeg as a garnish. If you’re feeling adventurous we strongly recommend you try this recipe out for yourself. 

From lobster, prime rib, or even cream cheese-stuffed pepperoncini, the variations are nothing short of mouth watering and every winner proved the versatility of Mott’s Clamato in their own special way. However, when you’re out there in the wild and searching for a simple accompaniment to make your Caesar one to remember, the pickled bean sits high on any Caesar enthusiast’s list — which explains why Mott’s Pickled Bean Caesars in a can are constantly flying off liquor store shelves.

Everyone has their own take on what makes the best Caesar so in celebration of the “Best Caesar In Town” campaign, RANGE reached out to a few of our favourite musicians across the country to ask them: “What is the secret to a good Caesar cocktail?”

The Garrys

Our perfect Caesar was born at the Palomino Smokehouse as a Sled Island hangover remedy. It must be spicy enough to get the taste of Steam Whistle out of your mouth, so ask the bartender to leave the Tabasco bottle behind and use it liberally. A splash of pickle juice is key, as your body needs the electrolytes. The rim can be the standard Caesar rimmer, but if you can get lemon pepper, that takes it to the next level. As for the garnish, no need to go crazy with bacon or grilled cheeses or what-have-yous,  but we all agree you must have some kind of garnish. A basic crunchy pickle is still the best, while beans or asparagus are acceptable, and celery is the bare minimum.

Yung Heazy

If you want the perfect Caesar you gotta make it extra spicy with a liberal shot of pickle juice. And of course garnished with the biggest phattest pickle you can possibly obtain; bigger the better I always say. Instant hangover cure.

Cassidy Waring

Photo: Raunie Mae

I’m a huge fan of Caesars, so much so that I’ve had multiple Sunday funday birthday parties with a full Caesar bar for my guests. I love a very muddy caesar, can’t have too much Worcestershire! I take it with gin, just a shake or two of Tabasco, a splash of pickle juice, and a classic celery salt rim. I’ll garnish it with a pickle, and maybe even a piece of beef jerky or bacon if I’m feeling fancy.