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RANGE Magazine Holiday Gift Guide 

Something for every genre of music lover in your life. 


The holidays can be a stressful time when it comes to finding the perfect gift for that special someone. Don’t know what to get your cousin who’s got an unhealthy obsession with synthesizers? Or maybe your dad doesn’t stop talking about how he wishes he took piano lessons “back in the day”? We’ve put together a list of unique gifts that have the potential to impress a wide RANGE of music fans in your life this holiday season. 

Strawberry Scarves | $24.00

Born in the North is a Canadian company run by brothers Greg and Chris Mitchell. Drawing inspiration from their Mi’kmaq heritage and music exploration, these uniquely designed Strawberry scarves are forever and  come in a variety of colours to choose from.

“We would always see the floral scarves at every pow wow and so many friends would always have multiple colours so we decided to create a version for the scene that was made by Indigenous artists to offer something with more cultural significance using the strawberry rather than the imported floral designs that are available,” Greg Mitchell tells RANGE.

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Earplugs | Starts at $29.95

Whether you’re a musician, a live music lover, or you have someone in your life who loves to snore, these affordable but efficient earplugs will enhance your live music experience while protecting your ears — or keep you sleeping through the night. 

Earpeace | PURCHASE


We Don’t Talk To Police Rug | $275 

Support your local rug dealer and make every Christmas an ACAB Christmas with Montreal artist Cordy’s colourful floor art. Previous clients include Meek Mill, Bia, and Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls. On a budget? Check out her mini rugs that pack just as much anti-authoritarian heat. Follow Cordy on Instagram at @idorugsnow

I Do Rugs Now | PRE-ORDER 


Synthesizer T-shirt | $38

Know someone who loves synthesizers as much as us? This synth-tastic tee was inspired by National Music Centre’s collection of modular synths. Gift this to the Brian Eno in your life so they can wear their obsession loud and proud.

National Music Centre | PURCHASE


Cadence Weapon’s Bedroom Rapper | $33

Hip-Hop, resistance, and surviving the music industry is the new gold frankincense and myrrh. Bedroom Rapper offers a definitive take on what’s happened in the last two decades of hip-hop in and out of Canada. Written by Polaris Music Prize winner Rollie Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon, this is an essential read for hip-hop fans and music lovers of all ages. 

Penguin House | PURCHASE

– Read our interview with Cadence Weapon –  


High Horse Coffee: Holiday Edition Blend | $17

With hints of caramel, chocolate and nuts, High Horse Coffee’s classic Colombian roast, Deadmonton, is all dressed up for the holidays. If you like to smile, because smiling is your favourite or if you’ve ever shot your eye out with your Christmas gift, this coffee is for you. Spend the holidays relaxing and drinking your favourite organic medium roast by the tree.

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Music Lessons | $25 – $27/ 30 mins

Ever think to yourself “I wish I learned an instrument when I was growing up”? Well, it’s never too late to start being kind of ok at something, and with locations all across Canada, Long & McQuade specialize in teaching how to play musical instruments of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to improve your vocal abilities, finally pick up that dusty guitar that’s been sitting in your basement, or learn how to play the iconic solo from “Careless Whisper” on the sax, this could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Long & McQuade | INFO


Audio-Technica Turntable | $200.00

This sleek Vinyl player will not only look amazing but sound amazing too. With Vinyl’s becoming more and more popular today, this turntable is an essential item for any music lover.

Sonic Boom | PURCHASE


Customizable Spotify Song Plaque | $22.00

Looking for a sentimental gift for that special someone? With this plaque you can choose any song of your choice, or you can fully customise the plaque with your own picture and song title. You can even add a Spotify code at the bottom that will link to your song or playlist of choice!

Chic Signs | PURCHASE


Imagine if these candy canes were weed — you’d be set!

Fresh Pack Portable Bong | $50

This portable bong is perfect for any adventure you may find yourself in. It easily folds into a 3 x 4 inch pouch so that taking it wherever you go is never a hassle – as long as it’s not over the border! This incredibly lightweight accessory is Fresh Pack’s most popular item and after one toke you’ll see why!

Fresh Pack Outdoors | PURCHASE


Punk Rock Museum Passes | $100  and up

Tickets to Las Vegas aren’t always cheap, but a trip to the soon-to-be-opened punk rock museum is priceless. You don’t need to sell all your Black Flag bootlegs to afford a pass into this new spectacle off the Las Vegas strip. There are different tiers of packages but this two pass package includes entry into the museum, a Punk Museum t-shirt and beer all for $100.00! 

The Punk Rock Museum | PURCHASE


Pocket Operator | $50USD

Ever feel the need to create music on the go? Maybe you’re tired of playing Candy Crush while you’re stuck on the bus or subway on your evening commute. These pocket operators are small and portable devices that allow you to create blips and bleeps no matter where you are. They’re not heavy, but they’re metal! Choose from their multiple selections including drum machines, synths, samplers, and more.

Teenage engineering | PURCHASE 


Record Club Subscription | $25/month

For that person in your life who is obsessed with music, old and new, a subscription with the Arts & Crafts Record Club will be exactly what they didn’t know they needed. This subscription will send 2 records to your home every two months, which will include one new release and one classic release. The best part? There are no hidden costs or extra fees for shipping. It’s basically a win-win. 

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RANGE Magazine Print Edition | $10

When all else fails, you can always order your loved ones copies of RANGE Magazine for their stockings. Our Fall 2022 edition is actually out of print but our Winter 2022/23 edition features Jonah Yano on the cover, interviews with Alvvays, Sloan, PUP, and more. Plus our 25 favourite Canadian albums of 2022, horoscopes, and an Iggy Pop word search!

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