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Iggy Pop Ain’t Your Average Geezer

The godfather of punk rock returns with the raw power that made him famous on Every Loser.

by B. Simm

What’s age got to do with it? Even though 75 candles lit up his last birthday cake, Iggy Pop, thee Godfather of Punk, is more concerned about your sorry ass than he is trying to prove his rock and roll immortality. Yes, this latest release, Every Loser, is a return to the lean, mean urgency that made Iggy famous, ripping with raw power, but it’s also a whack on the head trying to knock some sense into a world full of nonsense. 

In the kick-off track, “Frenzy,” Iggy rants about having a “dick and two balls” not to boast about his stamina, rather he’s inflamed, fired up, and in a frenzy about the confederacy of dunces he’s surrounded by: the Republicans, Putin’s inner circle, the Freedom Convoy — take your pick. While he lives in Miami, Iggy remains a Detroiter at heart and pushes right back, which is what the Stooges did so well.

Piano keys pound, the guitars are tough — they chop, shred, and grind away while Iggy launches a verbal assault against media hype, poser punks, druggies, and every loser that’s crossed his path. It’s not all a high volume rage, he pulls back the spit and snarl and takes it down to short, off-the-cuff spoken word segues sometimes lasting less than a minute. And it’s not without its backhanded humour; Iggy takes delight in his savage blows. 

Make no mistake, he’s not some old geezer shaking his cane on the street, Iggy’s in fine, fine form taking direct aim at our dire state of affairs with his middle finger up, screaming out, “it’s a modern day RIP OFF!”