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Photo: Chris Sturwold

Iron Tusk Explore New Depths On "Abyss"

The Indigenous punk quartet rip open a psychic chasm full of righteous doom.

by Christine Leonard

Hailing from Siksika Nation, about an hour’s drive east of Calgary, punk quartet Iron Tusk have spent the past five years conjuring thrashy, doomy tracks that explore their supernatural surroundings. 

Anchored by drummer and Band Council representative Carlin Blackrabbit (Sikoha’tsista), Iron Tusk has spun pandemic malaise into hard-rock gold with the arrival of their latest offspring, “Abyss.” A one-track minefield of chainsaw guitar riffs and pressurized percussion, “Abyss” rips open a psychic chasm that threatens to swallow the world.

Strident vocals and fiery lyrics drive the entire musical mechanism toward the precipice as guitarist/producer Craig Bear Chief, guitarist/vocalist Ty Maguire and bassist/vocalist Buddy Wolfleg detonate a galvanizing think bomb. Balancing light and darkness on a razor’s edge, the volatile depth of this single makes “Abyss” a fitting aftershock to the band’s soul-devouring 2020 EP, Iron Tusk III: Dream Eaters (Transistor 66).