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Laufey Has Us Dreaming of the Past and Present on Bewitched

The Icelandic-Chinese artist delivers a technically enchanting jazz album with contemporary notes.

by Georgia Adamson

With a following of 2.8 million on TikTok, Laufey is proof that jazz has a place in Gen-Z repertoires. Blending the energy of old jazz standards with pop sensibilities, Laufey’s sophomore album Bewitched beautifully evokes the genre’s golden age while also transposing it into the modern era of casual dating and self-love. 

At its heart, Bewitched is a rich, autumnal soundtrack about love and heartbreak. Laufey’s layered compositions, which include pianos, guitars, and even a symphony orchestra, are akin to a Disney score. Meanwhile, her soft vocals add a freshness to familiar experiences, making listeners privy to the artist’s intimate, dream-like world. 

Where Bewitched soars is in moments where jazz meets popular sounds and culture. From the pop-ballad “Lovesick” to the acutely contemporary line, “She’s so perfect/Blah blah blah,” Laufey not only revives jazz but rejuvenates it. The result is a timeless album that announces “jazz!! is!! back!!”to quote one of the singer’s Tik Toksand is here to stay.