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Photo: Megan Magdalena

Life Stuff’s “Human Race” Is The Soundtrack To Your Next Existential Crisis

The Vancouver-based rock outfit get boldly existential in their debut video single.

by Aurora Zboch

With cherry red lips reminiscent of Rocky Horror Picture Show’s opening number, Vancouver rock outfit Life Stuff make a gaudy debut with their music video for “Human Race.” But this isn’t science fiction; Life Stuff sings about the dreadful realities that come with simply being. They embrace the chaos with vintage guitar sounds, vocal distortion and minimalist, uptempo rock sensibilities. Shifty eyes wink to the beat while each lyric hits with flash-bangs of colour. The disembodied features leave a campy and uncanny impression. It almost distracts us from the daily hurdles we jump over alongside other people with overlapping worries. 

Life Stuff’s lead singer and guitarist Michael Kenyon (Phono Pony) is the mixing engineer at Vancouver recording studio Phony! Records. With drummer Spencer Schoening (Said The Whale) and bassist Mike Young (Mother Mother), the supergroup completed the self-recorded track over one weekend, capturing a timeless rock and roll sound while posing age-old questions about humanity’s end goal. The subject matter might rattle you if not for their nonchalant delivery. Life Stuff remains skeptical of any answer to the absurdity except, “If you must save somebody, start with yourself.” 

Life Stuff will release two more singles in March ahead of their forthcoming debut EP, Then You Die. Let this be the soundtrack to your next existential crisis.