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Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers is Unforgettable on Don’t Forget Me

The indie-pop singer brings us candid intimacy in 10 new tracks.

by Georgia Adamson

After a whirlwind rise to fame and a series of sold-out headline tours for Surrender, Maggie Rogers’ latest album, Don’t Forget Me, feels a bit like coming home. The singer-songwriter and producer seems more at ease than ever with her sixth album, which blends lyrical storytelling with strong bases and tight instrumentals. 

Despite her occupation with unforgotten loves, Rogers’ upbeat tempos and occasionally humorous lines ultimately leave the listener with a feeling of shy optimism. Her last and title track “Don’t Forget Me” concludes with the hope that, “Maybe there’s a stranger standing, /Holding out for love /just waiting on the next street /Just for me.”  With the raw honesty that Rogers’ offers her listeners, we cannot help but be hopeful with her.