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_The Soundtrack of your Montreal Summer (2)

Listen To The Sounds Of A Montreal Summer

Park beers and poutine not included.

by Alexander Wesley Nicol

Photo Illustration by Candy Thomas

Montreal in the summer is a utopian dream. The luscious trees sway in the dense, refreshing wind. The cool grass beckons young and old to the parks where food, drink, cigarettes and pot, are digested in excess. After surviving -30 winters, the people of Montreal take it as their god-given right to enjoy their summers in full.

Walking down the street you’ll notice a celebratory mood in the air. There are raves in abandoned buildings, private swimming holes to escape to, the not-so-secret “gay falls” (an adult water park in nature), day-long park hangs, and evenings spent walking the city just to be outside.

There is a pulse at the heart of this desire, and a rhythm accompanied by endless talent from local musicians. We’ve done some digging through the city’s vast music community to collect a few of our favourite new songs by emerging Montreal artists. Listening to them will bring you to the green ruelles, vibrant parks, sweaty after-hours, and buzzing terraces of la belle ville

Elle Barbara’s Black Space
“Peach Puree” 

Upbeat disco is always a treat. This is a song for any occasion where good times or good vibes are being had. 


“Kinda Strange”

Do you remember going to dance parties? Do you remember dancing in groups? This track is your new soundtrack for getting back in the groove. 


“Jour 3”

Can experimental electronic be earworm-y? Before you answer, listen to this track from Hildegard, a collaboration between Helena Deland and Ouri. 


“Yoru Ni” 

Japanese surf rock with psychedelia, post-punk, and a general compositional sensibility of the highest order. It’s pure energy harnessed into exciting music.  


Hélène Barbier

Moody and angular, with a light dusting of psychedelia. It captures the languid atmosphere of a park hang that stretches out the day and slides into the night. 


Magi Merlin
“To The Beach”

Down-tempo R&B of the intellectual sort. A slower number for when the sun goes down and you’re out there exploring on your own. 


“Malembe” (ft. Boddhi Satva, Pierre Kwenders, MC Redbul)

A soundtrack to the vibrant and colourful terraces that are emerging, like a butterfly from a cocoon, all across the city.