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NADUH Toasts to Galaxy-Wide Friendship with “On Venus” 

Blending 90s G-funk and Spice Girls energy, the Vancouver R&B group’s latest is out of this world.

by Ben Boddez

Photo by Cody Briggs

Vancouver-based R&B/hip-hop quintet NADUH are dedicated to bringing the message of their home planet Earthbound with their latest video single, “ON VENUS.” Previewing the first track from their upcoming debut EP, HOMIESEXUAL (due July 2022), the group embrace the traditionally feminist Venus symbol and toast to their enduring friendship. With an emphasis on female collaboration and strength in a world that too commonly pits women against each other, the track lyrically pays tribute to the Spice Girls while blending a sound more reminiscent of West Coast G-funk and soulful girl groups of the past.

Described as a “smoke one up and cruise bop,” NADUH’s Tee Krispil mentions that she was “trying to capture the laid-back vibe of West Coast living, sun on the face, ocean breeze, blunt in hand, girls in the whip, ‘today was a good day’ energy – in sonic form.” While showcasing some impressive vocal runs and infectious chanted moments, the group takes us through a day in the life around Vancouver, hitting up some of their favourite local spots like Caribbean eatery Baby Dhal and vintage store FRONT Supply Co. You’ll also be able to see them draped in local designer brands, which project the ideal vibe for the video’s party atmosphere and staircase photoshoots.

We caught up with the band below to talk about their latest project, friend crushes, and common misconceptions about their planetary home. 

How did this group meet?
It was an ethereal starry night on the lush coast of the Pacific Northwest, Venus appeared, and the rest was herstory.

Girl groups have (unfortunately) felt a little bit like a product of a bygone era in recent years – what do you think is the power, necessity, or just plain fun of a group like this right now?

That sums it up right there – powerful, necessary and FUN! We have brought the girl group to modern day by being the sole visionaries and manifestors of our music, narrative, and image, rather than being formed and produced by men. Like womb carriers do, we hold a strong vision and are able to execute that in our own way and fill the industry thigh gap while we are at it.

In the same vein as TLC’s CrazySexyCool, what would you say each member brings to the group to achieve this equilibrium of friendship and collaboration that we see in the video?

We thought you’d never ask:

Jenny – Daddy energy
Larisa – Wholesome bitch
Tee – Chef boi
Giorgi – Lover baby
Rosa – Fairy grandmother

NADUH (L-R): Larisa Sanders, Giorgi Holiday, Tee Krispil, Jenny Lea, Rosita Alcantara

Who have been some of your biggest musical inspirations? What have you been listening to lately?

So many inspirations! But to name a few: popcorn styles… Ray Charles, Janis Joplin, Lauryn Hill, Guru, Ari Lennox.
And to see what we are listening to lately, you can find our curated astrology inspired playlists on our Spotify!

We’re honoured to be talking to some genuine citizens of a faraway planet. What’s your hometown of Venus like? Are there truly no men there, as the famous playground rhyme states? 

Well, contrary to popular belief it is actually very hospitable on Venus with lush, iridescent foliage that gleam fuchsia and slime green hues. Inhabiting Venus activates feelings of weightless, juicy alignment. Genders were never constructed there but to put it in earthly terms, it is a matriarchal society and it embodies a strong feminine energy. You gotta go, you’d love it.

The video finds you celebrating some of your favourite spots in Vancouver – are there any others that just missed the final cut?

Big shout out to Wreck Beach, and all the parks – what up McSpadden! Trout!

We love the title HOMIESEXUAL for your upcoming project, and the message in this song seems to reflect that. What inspired you to push out this message?

Venus is always inspo #1 (we are mere messengers). But really, we’re just trying to normalize platonic intimacy and drooling over your friends because we like to preach about what we know about, and friend crushes are our favourite pastime. Another goddess that really helped nurture our homiesexuality is the iconic Small Papa who ordained our 24-hour marriage recently. She will be marrying lover friends all evening at our EP release show on July 9 at the romantic Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Gardens (Vancouver). 

What went into planning the absolutely insane-sounding release party for this single? 

It came about in signature NADUH style! We said, “Hey, we should create a dreamy, ethereal EP release show,” and then days later got an offer to put on a show at the gorgeous Classical Chinese Gardens. We then spit fired ideas and said hell yes to all of them, so the night will have 24 hour marriages, flash tattooing, a market with local vendors, specialty cocktails, drag, and live music performances – because you actually can have it all, people.

What’s next for NADUH? Anything else you’d like us to know?
Just the casual earthly take over – and then… we enter the meta verse (coming very soon)! And of course our continued efforts to help humans spread more love and acceptance, all while entertaining their urge to twerk. And that’s on Venus <3