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We asked four of our favourite Vancouver-based guitarists to show off their fancy footwork — with our friends at PUMA and gravitypope.

by Ben Boddez

Photos by Noga Cadan and Danielle Costelo

Much like the shoes we wear on our feet, for a guitarist, a guitar pedal becomes an extension of the player themselves, assisting them in wielding their unholy power. 

A treasured possession for adding the kinds of distinctive effects that make a band’s sound undeniable, most players’ relationships with the pedals on their pedal boards run deep. In partnership with PUMA and gravitypope, we invited four of our favourite Vancouver-based guitarists to share their set-ups, the songs that were created with them, and some of their current jams.


Shannon Hemmett is wearing: PUMA Palermo sneakers, MARNI Mohair Cardigan, Acne Studios Printed T-shirt, and Acne Studios Loose Fit Jeans.

Shannon Hemmett (LEATHERS/ACTORS)

A queen of the synthesizer through and through, Shannon Hemmett is a member of not one, but two of Vancouver’s most exciting bands. Taking the lead vocals in electro-pop band LEATHERS and playing the synths for darkwave titans ACTORS, Hemmett’s work on the guitar is where all of her songs are first born. Inspired by acts like David Bowie and Depeche Mode, she’s also a designer, a photographer, a writer, and if you’re looking for some new ink, she also works as a tattoo artist. 

What’s your current set-up?

I play a 2022 Fender Strat; it’s from the International Series, which are manufactured in Japan. At the store this guitar had an attractive aura, it stayed in my thoughts, and after a few days of yearning, I brought her home. Sometimes it’s nice to name your guitar, so I named her Cherry. Pedal-wise, I use the Earthquaker Devices Sunn O))) Life Pedal for distorted sounds. The octave effect is massive and haunting sounding. When paired with a chorus and/or delay pedal, the saturation and depth takes the tone to dark, dreamy heights. 



What’s your favourite song to use your pedals with?

Although LEATHERS’s current recorded material has been more synth-based, my songwriting process always starts on the guitar, and I write much of the lyrics while strumming the chords over and over like a meditation. I think our songs “Day For Night” and “Ultraviolet” are well-suited to being stripped down to just guitar and my voice. 


Cole Jandrisch is wearing PUMA Palermo Sneakers, Acne Studios Oversized Denim Jacket, and Carhartt WIP Double Knee Pant.

Cole Jandrisch (Heavy Trip)

Combining psychedelia with crushing waves of what Jandrisch himself calls “blistering guitars,” the name of the band he belongs to — Heavy Trip — couldn’t be more accurate. Performing long-form instrumental tunes, Jandrisch is the guitarist you hear pushing his instrument to new heights and trilling wildly up and down the scales on projects like 2020’s self-titled effort. With a band formed in the mountains of Whistler, Jandrisch first picked up the guitar after breaking his neck while snowboarding.

How would you describe your relationship with your guitar pedal?

I’d say the relationship with my pedalboard is in the eye of the beholder, as I seem to have found what I enjoy and appreciate the array of sound these tools have to offer. My playing style is an instrumental modern take on 70s hard rock and heavy metal with blistering guitars set to 11.



What’s your favourite song to use your pedals with?

A Track off our upcoming record coming soon titled “Silversun” is really enjoyable to play because at the end of the song you could say I use the full sink : Delay, Fuzz, Wah, and Octave all at once combined to create a powerful tone that cuts through Steel like it was butter.  


Tega Ovie is wearing PUMA Suede Sneakers, MARNI Organic Cotton Poplin Bowling Shirt, and Acne Studios Loose Fit Jeans.

Tega Ovie (Post-Modern Connection)

A guitarist and vocalist representing one-half of retro pop-rock duo Post-Modern Connection, formed with his university friend Georges Nasrallah, Tega Ovie will tell you that he’s no stranger to experimentation with sounds all over the musical spectrum before landing on something that felt right – something that a good pedal board can help with tremendously. Born in Nigeria and having moved to Vancouver two years ago, Ovie’s applied his vintage flair and dreamy surf-rock vibes to the band’s second EP, A Welcome Change, released in November 2023. 

What’s your current set-up?

I use an Epiphone Casino Coupe and I’ve got my six essential pedals, which are the Boss Digital Delay DD-7, Boss Chorus Ensemble CE-5, Hotone Trem, Electro-harmonix Micro POG, lil’ RAT, Polytune by TC electronic. I used to have the Hall Of Fame Reverb, which I loved but it fizzled out.



What’s your favourite song to use your pedals with?

Because I play mostly rhythm,  I’m usually more concerned about overall tone. So my pedals are pretty much on throughout the set, I use them to get that shiny chorus-y tone associated with a lot of indie music. Combine that with my lil’ RAT for “If You Care” & “Turned Out Just Fine” to get a slightly more saturated and driven sound without getting too heavy.


Ayla Tesler-Mabé is wearing PUMA Mayze sneaker, Acne Studios Crew Neck Wool Jumper, Marimekko Jakala Kukko Ja Kana Turtleneck, and Marimekko Suora Kukko Ja Kana Skirt.

Ayla Tesler-Mabé

A 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist who has already lived many musical lives, you might recognize Ayla Tesler-Mabé from her work as a member of indie-rock trio Ludic, her former band Calpurnia, or even an appearance on Willow Smith’s 2021 pop-punk project. With YouTube videos of covers and guitar education racking up six-digit view counts ever since she was in her early teen years, Tesler-Mabé spent 2023 focusing on her solo music for the first time, building up to the release of a six-track EP, Let Me Out!!, released in November. 

How would you describe your relationship with your guitar pedals?

Guitar playing has never just been about the physical act of playing the instrument to me. I never just tried to figure out how to play like my heroes, I wanted to steal their guitar tone too! My growing knowledge of how to craft guitar tones helped me monumentally in my transition to producing music. So many of the same principles used to arrange a pedal board apply to music production too. And in turn, my emerging identity as a producer has only increased my fanaticism about guitar tones over the years



How would you describe your style at the moment?

Psychedelic soul? Alien motown? A friend said my EP was like Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles funkified, and I could not possibly love a description more than that. As for fashion, another friend said that my style is like ’60s surfer bohemianism meets ’70s/’80s Royal Tenenbaums-eque athleisure… and I have never felt more seen in my life!


Outfitted by PUMA and gravitypope

Stylist: Austin Taylor