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Peggy Gou Proves She’s Listening on I Hear You

The South Korean-born, Berlin-based electronic star is officially in the house.

by Maggie McPhee

Peggy Gou, so hot right now. The South Korean-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer has made waves over the last decade at electronic music festivals and underground nightclubs, culminating in the tidal single “(It Goes Like) Nanana” that engulfed the internet last summer. We’ve finally reached a debut album, a collection of 10 house tracks that carry all that hype to ecstatic highs. 

I Hear You pulls ‘90s house classics into the current moment and criss-crosses them around the world. Gou infuses those quintessential repetitive patterns, simple lyrics, and timeless emotions with her globetrotting and collectivist spirit. House-pop track “I Believe In Love Again” features the iconic Lenny Kravitz being iconic; old school hip-hop inspired bop “All That” stars Puerto Rican rapper Villano Antillano; the drum-and-bass burner “Seoulsi Peggygou (서울시페기구)” uses gayageum, a Korean traditional stringed instrument. 

Gou opens the album with a soft, spoken-word delivery of a poem by friend and artist Olafur Eliasson that she built upon with her own ideas about the role of art in liberation from colonialism and industrialism. The songs that follow present an argument for feeling good, letting go, communing with others, and having a good time as an antidote. If the revolution is a dance party, Peggy Gou will be headlining.