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Portion Appreciates The Journey on “NIGHT WE MET”

A romance off the rails was just beginning for the Toronto rapper as he recalls on his latest melodic trap single featuring Veronica Elizabeth. 

by Ben Boddez

Often renowned for bringing some Atlanta-inspired flair to his work, Toronto rapper Portion’s latest single “NIGHT WE MET” certainly keeps the combination of sounds coming. The third single he’s released this year as he builds up to his upcoming album Paradise, a follow-up of the celebrated I Am Nothing Without – Trench Baby, it could easily have been mistaken for one of Lil Baby’s better tracks, with Portion’s emotional, melodic flows and contemplative, spacey trap beats bolstering the story he tells here.

Featuring Los Angeles-based singer Veronica Elizabeth, who tackles the chorus and capably plays the other side of the tumultuous relationship that Portion unfurls here with some impressive vocal runs, Portion looks back on the story of how a relationship evolved. He appreciates the journey that he was taken on above all else, even if everything didn’t work out how he imagined or hoped it to. “‘NIGHT WE MET’ signifies the turn from the past to the future, a concept I believe everyone can relate to,” Portion says about the track. Elizabeth’s vocals were already a little faded out – as if it were a sample – but they ultimately get looped, filtered and reversed as Portion runs through his verses, giving the entire track an appropriately dreamy, echoing and nostalgic flair as Portion looks back on where it all began.